Why This Kardashian Time Lapse Matters

Much has been discussed about the transformations we've witnessed with the Kardashian-Jenner ladies since they first hit the small screen in 2007. From their style to their level of fame, a lot has changed, and talk of their rise to stardom often involves a conversation about their appearances. This time lapse video of the Kardashian and Jenner girls' faces by artist Saint Hoax is undeniably fascinating and pretty crafty, as PopSugar points out, but is it welcoming an opportunity for unnecessary judgement?

I'm a big believer in doing what makes you feel good about yourself, and so are the Kardashians, as they discussed in a recent episode revolving around the youngest sister's full pout. Whether that means plumping your lips like Kylie, getting breast implants like Kourtney, or posing nude on the cover of a magazine like Kim, more power to you for just doing you. And if you're cool with the way things are, that's amazing, and I think your confidence is just as admirable.

That said, it's hard not to speculate when someone's not open about changes they've made to improve their self-image. For some reason, as a culture, we have a deep desire to know what people have done to look the way they do, whether it's your neighbor or your favorite reality TV star. Their beauty routine, their diet, and, yes, whether they've gone under the knife. When people aren't willing to indulge that fascination? We get a little judge-y with our curiosity.

Even when people do reveal their "secrets," though, many people share their unfavorable and unkind opinions anyways. It's kind of a lose-lose, which makes the decision to enhance your look, whether through makeup or something more invasive, so much more personal and private.

The videos are, of course, incredibly interesting to watch. For those of us willing to indulge in watching an hour-long show about this family, these seconds-long videos are gold. However, it's a good reminder, at least for myself, that even though I should watch less "junk" television, that doesn't give me (or anyone) the right to make assumptions about the people on the shows, Kardashians or otherwise. No matter your opinion, they're people, and even though they chose life in the public eye, they still have a right to at least a certain degree of privacy.

And you know what? We already know that the power of makeup is ah-mazing, so there's no telling if anything more serious was done unless the people involved decide to share. As PopSugar says, "We're not going to judge.... But we are going to look."

Here's an individual one of Kim...

And Kylie...

And Khloe.

Again, intrigue and judgement aren't the same thing. It's what I tell myself when I'm watching the show and feeling a little guilty about it. Whatever your stance is, props to artist Saint Hoax are due. You have to admit that these are some seriously impressive visuals.

Videos: sainthoax/Instagram