Stop Everything, Tom Hiddleston Loves Beyonce, Too

by Maggie Malach

Stop everything you're doing because Tom Hiddleston is a Beyonce fan. Hiddleston supports feminism, proves he has an incredible voice, and just revealed he's been a covert member of the Beyhive. This brings an entirely new emphasis to the phrase "I can't," because right now, I really cannot. (Oh, and Hiddleston also mentioned he likes puppies because he is actually the perfect human specimen.)

I'll give you a moment to collect yourself because I understand the gravity of those two pieces of information. It's a lot to take in, especially considering it's arguable that Hiddleston was already pretty much the best. All good? Okay. Brace yourselves, because there's about to be a lot more Hiddleston/Beyonce talk happening.

These two stars are among the best at what they do. They're so talented that it's amazing to picture them in the same room, let alone fangirling over each other. While Beyonce has regrettably not yet confirmed her love for the actor, I'd still like to imagine they're BFFs. (Puppies are also involved.) And in honor of the theoretical friendship of my dreams, here are 11 Beyonce lyrics re-imagined as a tribute to Hiddleston. Slay on, Beyhive.

1. "All The Single Lokis"

Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"got reworked for Hiddleston's Avengers character.

2. "(Superpower) Like A Shark"

This "Superpower" nod to Loki doesn't even need reworking.

3. "He's A Frost Giant, Like It's Cold, Winter Time"

The winter reference in "Countdown" is so similar to the Frost Giants of the Thor universe.

4. "You A Bad Guy And Your Friends Bad Too"

"Party" gives another nod to Loki's villainous nature.

5. "I'm Scared Of Being The Only Shadow I See Along A Wall"

On a more emotional note, these "Scared Of Lonely" lyrics are a nod to Loki growing up in Thor's shadow.

6. "You Wake Up, Flawless."

These "Flawless" lyrics are an overall salute to Hiddleston's amazingness.

7. "Baby Boy, Make Me Lose My Breath"

We'll be referencing this "Lose My Breath" line after screaming ourselves silly in Crimson Peak.

8. "Just How Your Love Can Do What No One Else Can"

Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" can also be her reaction to finding out Hiddleston is a fan.

9. "This Time I'm Gonna Take The Oscar"

These "Pretty Hurts" lyrics could reference the potential of this awards season for Hiddleston.

10. "No, Not The Car, But Everywhere We Are"

Remember Hiddleston's Jaguar ad? So does Beyonce, as indicated by "Upgrade U."

11. "The Dog Is Gone"

This "Why Don't You Love Me?" lyric is obviously a reference to the puppies Hiddleston loves.

Tom Hiddleston + Beyonce + puppies forever.

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