Shia LaBeouf's Apology to Daniel Clowes In Skywriting Is Pathetic & Selfish

In just two days, Shia LaBeouf has already become the weirdest celebrity of 2014. A few weeks ago it was revealed that LaBeouf plagiarized his short film from a comic by Daniel Clowes, so the Transformers star apologized, and hasn't stopped since. After tweeting a series of plagiarized apologies, LaBeouf took things even more public with skywriting. Yes, skywriting. On New Year's Day, he tweeted a photo of the words "I am sorry Daniel Clowes" written above Los Angeles.

In case that wasn't strange enough, he tweeted three definitions of the word "cloud" with apparently random capitalization alongside the photo.

It's hard to tell what LaBeouf was going for with this latest apology, but all it actually did was make him seem like even more of a jerk. After blatantly stealing someone else's story, he stole others' words to apologize before turning to the skywriting — because hey, nothing says "sincere" quite like words that will literally disappear in a few minutes.

By apologizing in such strange ways, LaBeouf is also keeping the attention firmly on himself. Nobody is talking about Clowes, the man whose creative work was stolen. Instead, we're all wondering what's going on with LaBeouf. We should be impressed really; LaBeouf's managed to find the most selfish ways possible to apologize to someone. Check out his skywriting message.

If it were really meant for Clowes, LaBeouf wouldn't have tweeted it for the world to see. Before this cry for attention, LaBeouf even admitted that his earlier stolen apologies weren't sincere.

Sure, he's admitted to stealing the content and "forgetting" to credit Clowes, but LaBeouf isn't really taking responsibility for his actions. He's simply using the attention to get his own name out there again and he's stealing any possible spotlight from the man who deserves it, Clowes. Not cool.