7 Signs You're A True Book Nerd Couple

by E. Ce Miller

If you haven’t already heard, science has proven that couples who read together stay together — giving hope to both lonely and coupled book nerds everywhere. It's not surprising: reading with your significant other means you’ll never be at a loss for interesting things to talk about, you’ll always have plans for Friday night (bookstore, poetry reading, author signing, moving adaptation that will never be as good as the book), and having a partner with some seriously stocked bookshelves means you’ll garner all sorts of juicy insights into their personality without ever even having to ask. Plus, who doesn’t love curling up on the couch on a Saturday with the person whose laundry basket you’re sharing, and getting completely lost into some of the best words ever penned to page?

As someone who has often been (the, in my opinion, better) half of a book nerd couple, I know a thing or two about what makes — and breaks — a truly dynamic literary duo. Book lovers, after all, are our own unique breed of nerd, with our own specific brand of quirks that require just a little patience and understanding. Especially from our partners-in-reading.

Here are seven things that define book nerd couples — and the reasons why book nerd couples are basically the coolest couples around.

1. You Think A Bookstore Date Is The Best Date

The bookstore is not a pre-date, nor is it the place you peruse for 15 minutes while you wait to be seated at the restaurant next door — it’s the whole date. Maybe if the bookstore sells coffee and scones you will have a coffee and a scone, but this will in no way impede the perusing of books. If your significant other offers to pay for all 11 of the books you plan on leaving the bookstore with, you should probably marry them tomorrow.

2. You Know “Staying In To Read” Is Romantic

And you generally want to do it together. Who cares if you bought those opera tickets months ago? When a book calls, a book calls. Book nerd couples get this.

3. Halloween Is Really Just An Excuse To Dress Like Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennett

…Again. Sure, you’d both much prefer staying in to read (see above) but sometimes cravats and petticoats are pretty hard to resist. Plus, it’s the one night a year you can take your Jane Austen-inspired alter egos out on the town without looking like complete weirdos.

4. Your Books Do Not Commingle

This is the most important rule for all cohabitating book nerd couples to follow — at least in my house. You totally respect your significant other’s unique literary interests, but if Rainbow Six touches Slouching Towards Bethlehem , there’s going to be some serious domestic unrest. The two shouldn’t even been on the same shelf … or even in the same room. Actually, can you just keep all of your books in one room and I’ll keep all of mine in another? Mmmkay, thanks.

5. E-Readers Are A Point Of Contention In Your Relationship

This usually happens right around the time you move in together. Or out together. After carrying 20 book boxes, one at a time, up your new fifth floor walk-up, somebody best be getting a Kindle, stat. The only question is who? (And would you really look at your beloved book nerd the same way if they offered to forgo all those gorgeous hard copies? I think not.)

6. You're Comfortable Being Together In Total Silence

There are no awkward silences in the book nerd relationship. There are the silences observed when you are reading a book, the silences observed when you are thinking about a book you have recently read, and the silences observed when you are thinking about what book you are going to read next. But there are definitely no awkward ones.

7. Your Bed Is As Much A Place For Reading As It Is For Sex

I think this one speaks for itself. I don’t know about you, but for me it doesn’t get much better than: “Want me to read aloud to you?”

Images: Erin Kelly/Instagram, Giphy (7)