How To Dress Up As Beaufort & Edythe

I have a sneaking suspicion that Stephenie Meyer didn't drop her gender-swapped Twilight novel just because of the tenth anniversary — it was also primetime for fans to get their Edythe and Beaufort Halloween costumes together just in time for the big day. Well, lucky for all y'all, it's actually rather affordable to cosplay as the two new (?) characters from the Life and Death novel, surprise-released on October 6. In fact, I'd daresay it's easier to dress up as them than any other kind of mythical creature you'll encounter this year.

Stephenie Meyer notes in the opening pages of this new book that of all the changes, only five percent of them were made because Beaufort (known as "Beau") is a boy. That five percent comes into play with wardrobe more than anything, which is exactly why it's so easy to assemble your own costume based on the novel. Then you can claim that you were one of the very first people to dress up as these characters, and maybe even get your foot in the casting door for when this inevitably gets turned into a brand spanking new four-part movie series (because Hollywood!). It's practically destiny. Here's how to follow yours:

How To Dress Up Like Beaufort Swan


I had on my favorite t-shirt — the Monty Python one with the swallows and the coconut that Mom got me two Christmases ago.

$23.15, RedBubble.


I put on my jacket — thick, non-breathing plastic, like a bio-hazard suit — and headed out in the rain.

My plain black jacket didn't stand out, I was glad to see, though there wasn't much I could do about my height.

ICYMI, Beau is not a fan of rain.

$22.94, Apparel N Bags.

Supplement with a pair of jeans and rain boots, and you're rarin' to go!

How To Dress Up Like Edythe

Gold Contacts

Today, her eyes were a different color: a strange gold, darker than butterscotch, but with the same warm tone.

$28.99, Top Color Contacts.


She had the sleeves of her white henley pushed up to her elbows, her forearm flexed with surprisingly hard muscle beneath her pale skin.

$19.99, L.L. Bean.


The last girl was smaller, which hair somewhere between red and brown, but different than either, kind of metallic somehow, a bronze-y color.

$18, DH Gate.

Pair with rain boots and jeans, et voilà!

Of course, none of this counts if you don't bathe in ice as Edythe to terrify everyone with your frozen skin or proceed to trip all over things as Beaufort. This is METHOD Halloween. COMMIT. And happy haunting!

Images: Courtesy of Brands; Summit Entertainment