'Arrow' Adds Curtis Holt & All Of His Potential

We're one episode into the new, lighter season of Arrow and have already seen the show deliver on its promise of change. Oliver is lighter and happier (his voice is even markedly different), as he and Felicity are settled into a committed, adorable relationship. Thea has fully transformed into Speedy and is helping Team Arrow take down the villains, and the latest Big Bad Damien Darhk seems to be more meta-like then any other antagonist we've seen on the show to date. However, we're not quite done with changes as this week's episode of Arrow introduces Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt, an ultra-intelligent employee of Palmer Technologies.

Another character pulled from the DC universe, Curtis is an adaptation of Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific, who (like his new boss Felicity) possesses a genius level intellect. In the comics, Holt is a self-made multi-millionaire and an Olympic decathlete. Though it's unclear exactly how much of his original backstory will be adapted onto Arrow, according to Entertainment Weekly, Curtis will be a “technological savant and inventor.” He will also be the series' first openly gay character, as reported by Variety, and I'm hoping Mr. Terrific will get an equally terrific love interest if he sticks around for Season 4. While we wait to see him in action, I've determined some of the best possible roles for Curtis on Team Arrow.

A Friend For Felicity

First and most obvious — Felicity needs a friend. Sure, she has Diggle, but he's pretty busy with Lyla and baby Sara and probably doesn't have much time to hang out. Then there is Thea, who is Felicity's boyfriend's sister, which could get awkward, and Laurel, her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. I know that's all ancient history at this point, but still, she could use a buddy with less baggage. Curtis is not only free from Arrow-drama (for now), he can actually keep up with Felicity intellectually — let the genius bonding begin!

Speedy's Backup

Felicity is back running things on the comms, except she now has four heroes in the field to track. It's a lot for one person to manage, maybe Curtis can manage Speedy while she gets up to... speed (sorry, I had to).

A New Superhero

In the comics, Mr. Terrific joins the Justice Society of America, so I don't think it's a stretch to predict that he could end up in the field. It sure seems like Star City could use the help.

Palmer Technologies CEO

It could happen! Felicity started out as an unknown genius in IT, maybe Curtis takes over when Felicity finally runs for President.

Comedic Relief

Historically, Felicity and Roy have been the main source of comedic relief on Arrow, so with Roy's exit the show could use a little bit more humor. Enter Kellum, who has already proven his comedic timing on Ben & Kate, perfect for injecting a little more lightheartedness into the (often grim) series.

Check out our first look at Kellum's new role at the end of the Arrow sizzle reel below, then get ready to meet Mr. Terrific in Wednesday night's "The Candidate."

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