6 People You'll Date After A Breakup

by Liz Newman

So you've just ended a relationship with the person you thought was "The One"; you're going through the inevitable breakup recovery phases. You think you're never going to get over it, but trust me you will, or you're just trying to move on. Regardless of where you are in the process, one thing is for sure: you'll eventually get back out there —whether you're ready or not. And when you do get back out there, similar to the breakup stages you're going through, you're bound to date a specific group of people during the moving on process.

Nothing to feel bad about, it's all part of the healing process — and who knows? Some of these people may be just what you need. Actually, a lot of them are just what you need. As for the rest? Well, at least they will make for funny stories with your girlfriends. And better than that, they will undoubtedly make you appreciate the right person you eventually end up with even more. In that way, these experiences — ahem, people — are priceless in a way.

Until then, get ready to fully embrace — in more ways than one! — the six different people you'll be dating in the meantime.

1. The Emotionally Unavailable Person

It's very likely you seek this person out, especially if you're fresh out of your former relationship. You know why? Because let's face it: you're also emotionally unavailable. And as a result, this person is a safe choice. You won't worry about falling in love, or even getting too attached, and you won't have to worry about any of that from them either. It's possible, however, you two become good friends.

2. The Just For Sex Person

Probably the most important one you "date" post-breakup is the one who helps you get your mojo back. It may sound silly, but a good romp may be just what you need to 1) get over the last person and 2) remember how great it is to feel sexy (a confidence is key post-breakup!) and 3) that there's plenty of awesome single sex on your horizon. Cheers to this human!

3. The Perfect On Paper Person

It's almost 100 percent guaranteed you were set up with this person by a friend who swears "you will hit it off, and that they are perfect for you!" and it will kill you that he or she checks every mark: funny, smart, loves Mexican food, and comes from a great family. It will kill you because no matter how perfect this person is, you probably won't date them. But dammit, you'll want to. Still, when you're not to ready to date, you're not ready to date, and even the perfect person can't change that. The only thing that changes that is, you guessed it, timing.

4. The You're Out For Revenge Person

So, you're not proud of this one. As in they're your ex's boss, roommate... or worse, best friend. Not everyone may cross this line, but depending on how hurt and vengeful you're feeling, you shouldn't 100 percent rule it out either. Warning: if you have any, ANY hope of getting back together with this one — don't go there.

5. The Not Your Type At All Person

Hey, it didn't work out with your corn-fed, Midwestern ex, so it's only natural you opt for an indie, tortured artist — which has it's perks — the point is, it's good to try on new things. This goes for your wardrobe... and new people. Have some fun and experiment!

6. The Blind Date Person

This is either a set-up —not unlike #3 — or the more likely, you've opted to start online dating. Congrats! You're making strides. The good news: you'll have hilarious blind date stories galore. The bad news: they're hilarious because they're also disastrous. Still, think of these blind dates as like "Dating aerobics" or even job interviewing— it takes strength, endurance, and above all it's good practice. Plus, you never know who you may meet along the way. That blind date may just provide the perfect toast... for your future wedding.

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