Draper James Flagship Store Is Opening Soon

by Augusta Statz

I’m sure you were all just as excited as I was to learn the news of a Draper James flagship store. Well, get even more ecstatic because the Draper James store will be opening soon, I'm talking next week kind of soon here, you guys. I hope you were sitting down for that, because it’s shocking news to know that you can shop Reese Witherspoon's designs sooner than you possibly imagined.

The store will be located in Nashville, Tennessee, because why would it be anywhere else? It’s sure to offer a true Southern experience, an essence the brand itself already has, but even better because it’ll be in person! Get ready to sip some sweet tea and start shopping — the flagship location will be up and running before you know it.

The brand announced the news via Instagram, and there’s going to be plenty more fun where that came from. From now until the opening, they’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos and more, as if I wasn't already anxious enough to see the results. Check out some of the pieces from the brand that you’ll be able to shop in person soon, and go ahead and book a flight to Nashville if you don't live there, ‘cause you’re not going to want to miss this.

Thank goodness it's almost time!

1. Embellished Collared Shirt

Embellished Collared Shirt, $200, Draper James

How adorable would this be underneath all of your fall sweaters?

2. Hello, Sugar

Hello Sugar Sweatshirt, $125, Draper James

So appropriately Southern, you'd just have to get yourself one of these while in the store.

3. Totes Y'all

Totes Y'all Vanderbilt, $165, Draper James

Might as well get one of these while you're at it.

4. Wide Brim Hat

Mia Wide Brim Hat, $68, Draper James

I could see me rocking one of these while in Nashville.

5. Makeup Pouch

Powder Room Pouch, $65, Draper James

You've got to have something cute to carry the essentials in.

6. Classy Skirt

Mckenzie Mid Length Skirt, $215, Draper James

How sophisticated is this?

7. Magnolia Bag

Magnolia Phone Wallet, $185, Draper James

If you're going to pull off this whole Southern chic thing, you're going to need a magnolia printed bag.

Get ready, Nashville, here I come!

Images: Courtesy Draper James (7)