9 Things To Know About Dating An Impatient Person

by Christine Schoenwald

For people who have very little patience, it feels as if the world around them is stuck on one speed — Not fast enough. When the impatient person is in a restaurant it feels like forever to get for them to get their order. Seriously, how long does it take to cook bacon? Did they go and pick those tomatoes fresh from the farm? Bake the bread? Everything takes too long, and there are times when the impatient person feels as if their head might explode if everybody doesn't pick up the pace.

Impatient people can come off as very Type A, and can rub others the wrong way. Impatient people are horn-honkers, interrupters, and I'll-just-do-it-myselfers. People with very little patience can seem rude, insensitive, but underneath that abrupt, exterior is a person who gets things done, and wastes very little time in doing it.

Dating an impatient person can be challenging, especially if you're patient yourself. But understanding how an impatient operates isn't impossible — you just need to know a bit more about how they think and interact with others. Oh, and never (ever) tell them to be patient. But hey, when you're dating an impatient person, you'll get much better at telling stories without meandering, making decisions, and being punctual. Who doesn't want that? Here's what you need to know to make it a little easier.

1. Any Kind Of Waiting Is The Worst

If you're with an impatient person waiting in line at the DMV, or for the cable guy, know that the rant spewing from your impatient person's lips isn't directed at you, they just have to let off steam somehow.

2. Wasting Time Is Offensive To Them

When an impatient person observes someone wasting time or they themselves are forced to a time-wasting activity such as waiting for a dentist's appointment, it makes them very upset. Time is precious resource, and those people who think there's a ton of it are so very wrong. And wasteful.

3. Interrupting Isn't Rude, It's Time Efficient

Anyone struggling to find the right words to say, be warned, the impatient person may to do whatever they have to do advance the conversation. We could die tomorrow before you make your point.

4. Their Resting Face, Is Someone Else's Going-To-Explode Face

The impatient person is often on the verge of losing their cool and could snap at any moment. Yes, sometimes they express their annoyance and anger a little too fiercely.

5. Impatience Shows Itself In Nervous Energy

If things aren't happening as quickly as you would like them, you've got to expel that energy in some way. Impatient people are well known fidgeters. They peel the labels off things, tap their feet while sitting down, crack their knuckles, and touch their hair.

6. Better Never Than Late

If you think showing up 20 minutes late to your date is NBD, think again. If you want to annoy an impatient person, show up for an event on time, because that's basically late by their standards. If you show up late, well that's completely unacceptable as you have basically slapped them in the face because you delayed them.

7. Impatient People Depend On Themselves To Make It Happen

Since impatient people have a lot of energy, and have very little faith that other people will get things done quickly enough, they have a tendency to just do everything themselves. Every project is urgent, needed to be done yesterday, and why does everyone move so slowly? You might say that an impatient person is a chronic overachiever, but it's just that they can't rely on other people to do things quickly enough.

8. Never Tell Them To "Just Be Patient"

Unless you want to start an argument. They'd practice patience if they could, but the impatient aren't made that way. Patience is a virtue, but who the hell has virtues anymore?

9. Try To Plan Ahead

Since they like to be efficient with time, if a partner makes an effort to plan dates, trips, nights in, etc. your impatient partner will appreciate it more than you know.

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