Gaga Makes Tristan Her New Toy On 'AHS'

American Horror Story: Hotel has been introducing a number of memorable characters already. Week two has brought us a few new tortured souls to roam the halls of the Hotel Cortez and most of them look like they are going to be here to stay. One of these unfortunates that made one of the loudest entrances was a model named Tristan. Not only did he come crashing in with coke on his face and his tongue in people's mouths, but he managed to snag the attention of Gaga's character, Elizabeth. But what does Lady Gaga/ Elizabeth want with Tristan? We all know her motives can't be pure, and as it turned out, this situation is no different.

Bursting into the episode during Will Drake's fashion show in the hotel lobby, Tristan snorted some type of drug, made out with members of the party and sliced his own cheek with a knife while proclaiming he was done with modeling... all in the span of about three minutes. Tristan is a hot mess but he is certainly bringing that pretty boy with a bad side vibe/look that Elizabeth seems to always fall for. He is heavy into drugs (namely, cocaine) and seems to be hyper sexual, which also seems to be a few of her favorite things.

After a brief, but terrifying meeting with Mr. March, Tristan was pulled to "safety" (I hesitate to use that word here) by Elizabeth and promptly made immortal in what she described to a heartbroken Donovan as "one of the most erotic moments of her life." Because, obviously. Elizabeth shows us exactly what she wanted with Tristan by sexing him up in between recitations of their vampire rules, in some serious sex scenes that would even make an erotic filmmaker blush a little.

It looks like Elizabeth has managed to snag herself a new toy, but what will Donovan do now? And how permanent is Gaga's little infatuation? I suppose that is kind of the point. Damnit.

Images: Frank Ockenfels/FX; Giphy