How To Dress Like Kylie Jenner's Lips For Halloween 2015 — PHOTOS

It's hard to go a day — maybe even a couple of hours — without hearing something about Kylie Jenner. Whether it's her relationship with Tyga or her ever changing hair, the youngest Kardashian is a media darling, but she's most well-known for her lips. That's why figuring out a Kylie Jenner's lips Halloween costume is going to make you the most pop culturally relevant person at your annual Halloween party.

This year, Kylie's lips were the talk of the media. She came under major scrutiny after months of telling the public that she over-lined her lips but had not gotten any fillers. Later, however, the truth came out, and Kylie Jenner's lips were discussed to be the result of injections. However, that wasn't before everyone and their sister was using some seriously dangerous methods to complete the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge via social media. Plus, there have been a multitude of YouTube tutorials on how to get Jenner's signature plump, nude-brown lips and long lashes, and while her contour routine is impressive, her lips still remain the focal point of Jenner's look. That's why being Jenner may be great, but rocking a costume as her lips would be even better.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So what will you need to be Kylie's famous pout?

Lip Costume

Lips & Tongue Costume, $38.98, Oriental Trading

While this look may be more Miley Cyrus than Kylie Jenner, this is just the basis of the costume, and there's more than likely a way to remove the tongue and sew up the black opening on the mouth.

Giant iPhone

John Gress/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This iPhone costume idea is perfect to go with the lips. Kylie is clearly known for her selfies and snapchat videos, so be sure to include those apps on your iPhone.

Blue Hair

Hair Chalk in Midnight Blue, $5.99, Ulta

In order to make this a clearly Kylie look, rocking blue tips is going to be a real tell-all.


Black Lipstick Shape Chain Clutch Bag, $24.99, Choies

While lipstick props are too large to haul around all night, this lipstick bag is multifunctional. Lipstick is a perfect Kylie accessory, and this is totally able to store your stuff throughout the night.

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