What Does Jayde Pierce Do? Justin Bieber's Reported New Girlfriend Has An Impressive Career Of Her Own

I don't mean to break your heart if you've already heard the news, but it might be true — Justin Bieber may have a new girlfriend. During his recent, very famous trip to Bora Bora (aka the origin of his leaked nude photos), you may have noticed that he wasn't there by himself. Bieber actually brought Jayde Pierce along with him, and it isn't the first time they've hung out. In recent months, Bieber has been spotted with Pierce more than a few times, so if they're not just good friends who like to vacation together, there's definitely something going on there. And unlike his ex, Selena Gomez, Pierce is kind of a mystery to those of us outside of Bieber's inner circle. How did they meet? Who is she? What does Jayde Pierce do? There are so many questions now that it seems like she and the Biebs could be an item.

And even though it's hard to compete with Bieber's record of number one albums and massive musical successes, Pierce seems game for the challenge. Because she isn't doing what most of us were doing when we were 19 (in my case, little else besides sleeping 'til noon and watching One Tree Hill). Nope, Pierce's career is already off the ground.

Thanks to a little social media investigation, it seems that Pierce's main gig is modeling professionally. In her Twitter bio, she explains that she's a model, and the zillions of photos from her at shoots on Instagram confirm it. Right now, she's not with an agency, though. Earlier this year, she told a follower on Tumblr that she left her last agency and now works as a freelance model, which gives her the opportunity to jump from project to project as she sees fit. And obviously, it's working for her if she's booking all these shoots!

And when she's not modeling? She's all over YouTube, where Pierce is actually pretty popular. Her channel — where she posts beauty tutorials — boasts almost 60,000 subscribers and more than one million views, so obviously, she's getting her name out there. Pierce has also revealed on her Tumblr that she's interested in breaking into the beauty industry as a makeup artist, so there's a good chance these videos are her way of testing out the waters before she dives in headfirst.

And for the record, Pierce is way better at creating a smoky eye than I will ever be.

Jayde Pierce on YouTube

It's official: Another super successful 19-year-old has made me feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing with my life. Thousands of YouTube subscribers, a modeling career, Bieber's alleged new lady, and she has a cute British accent? The jealousy is unreal. Pierce, anytime you want to come over to teach me how to do makeup, it would be greatly appreciated. Bring your new BF if you want!

Image: jaydepierce/Instagram