Wanna Be Kim's Selfie Book For Halloween?

by Daniela Cabrera

There's no denying that Kim Kardashian is one of the top social media queens bees. And in a very genius move, she decided to turn her selfie-taking and posting obsession into something that would grow her empire into the publishing world: a selfie book, which is literally just pages and pages of selfies. When her coffee table book, Selfish , was released in May 2015, the book's cover selfie became instantly iconic. If you've been a die-hard Kim fan over the years, you may have already gone through all of your options for a unique Halloween ode to your favorite Kardashian. But Kardashian's book has given fans the perfect way to dress like the reality star yet again. Here's how you can make your own Kim Kardashian selfie book Halloween costume, be the hottest person at your party, and make Kimmy proud.

To make sure you embody this costume, the most important thing is you must be confident and feel as fierce as Kim clearly did when she took the book's cover photo. You also need to take a ton of selfies. Obviously.

As for clothing, essentially the only piece of clothing you will need is the nude/yellowish colored sports bra looking top.

The bralette below is close to the yellowish tint on Kim's cover, but a nude color would work, as well. There is also the option of a wider nude bralette that would provide more coverage. How much you want to spill is all up to you!

Bralette, $20, Nordstrom

Bralette, $20, Nordstrom

The next thing you need to have down is the "I just stepped out of the shower" look for your hair. Now, this all depends on your natural texture. If you have naturally straight/slightly wavy hair, you can easily have a spray bottle of water on hand to look like a mermaid that just emerged from the sea. If you've got wavier/curly hair, your best bet would be to brush leave-in conditioner through your hair.

Fructis Leave-In Conditioner, $3, Target

I have tried this Fructis leave-in myself and your hair will certainly look moist, but you will also smell really delicious. Aussie Hair Insurance also is pretty affordable and adds a bit of hold and texture for unruly hair. These products can easily be found at your local pharmacy. There is also a New York Magazine tutorial on how to fake the greasy look with products, so check it out if you're a product fiend.

Now on to the glam. Kim might have just stepped out of the shower, but she does not skimp on her makeup. As with any Kardashian look, contouring and highlighting is key.

Contour Kit, $18, Ulta

This $18 Ulta contouring kit has all the tools you need to try your hand at the Kardashian kontour. I won't pretend that I know the skills necessary, but check out Bustle's own how-to video with make-up artist Jordan Liberty that will help guide you along the way.

Kim's look is more natural in the book photo, so lighten it up accordingly. She has a soft shimmery, gold shadow on her lids and Eye Shadow Quads in "Go For The Gold" by CoverGirl is affordable and has all the shades you need.

Eyeshadow Quad, $7, Walmart

If you been blessed with already-plump lips, just make sure you slather on a thick layer of lip gloss, the shinier the better. For those that want a little extra help for the pouty look, nothing works better than Too Faced Lip Plumped. I've tried it before, and it feels a little tingly in the beginning, but you will be giving Kylie a run for her money by the end of the night.

Lip Injection Lip Gloss, $22, Ulta

Now, to finish the look you need to wrap a white towel around your waist. Be sure to throw on some shorts underneath, because there's no way the towel won't fall off at some point in the night.

The final step in your Kardashian Selfish look? The actual book cover, of course. I would suggest going to the craft store of your choice and finding a foam board, rather than a poster board. The poster will be too thin and a nightmare to hold up for all your photo ops.

Michael's has a 20" x 30" white foam board, which you can cut a large rectangle out of with an X-acto knife. Next, make sure to write "Rizzoli New York" on the bottom center of the frame. If your handwriting is a little wonky, Michael's also has letter stickers that'll be perfect!

Now, show up to your party and make sure to always have your frame by your side. Practice your smize and pout, and take as many selfies as you want all night long. That's what Kim would want.

Images: Rizzoli; Nordstrom (2); Target; Giphy (2); Ulta (2); CoverGirl; Michael's