How To Dress Like Kim K In +Sizes This Halloween

by Gina Jones 2

Topical Halloween costumes are always funnier than typical ones, so what better way to show off how up to date and relevant you are than by donning a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume? If you have some friends to incorporate into the look, you can even get one of them to dress up as Kanye too.

Dressing like Kim Kardashian — especially as a plus size woman — is kind of tricky, predominantly because the bodycon ensembles she favors aren't often perceived as socially acceptable for fat girls, which makes them harder to find. Add to that the fact that dressing up as any real life person is pretty hard — because they don't have one set outfit like a cartoon character would to make them instantly recognizable — and you've got yourself a mega Halloween mission.

The easiest way to embody someone who rarely wears the same thing twice is to turn to a look of theirs that was especially iconic — even if it's not what they look like now. If you were going to dress as Elvis, for instance, you'd likely go for the white, rhinestone jumpsuit Elvis rather than any other of his looks — even if all the rest would be accurate as well.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, 2015 has been the year for nudes on nudes on nudes for this reality star. Maybe it's the influence of Yeezy Season 2, but I just love when Kim K rocks a nude shade. Her most memorable of all the nude toned looks came at the Yeezy show itself. When you wear it, I'm sure people will instantly know who you're trying to be.

1. The Hair

100cm Cosplay Wig, $12.99,

If by some blessed miracle, you're currently already rocking the long, sleek, dark hair that's typical of Kardashian women, slicking it back into a low ponytail will instantly give you Kardashian's chic hairstyle from this event. If you don't, this amazing cosplay wig will exaggerate the look in a way that is perfect for Halloween.

2. The Outfit

Plus Size Basic Leggings, $11.99,; Wrap Over Bodysuit, $25.50,; Lightweight Duster Coat, $89.99,

The great part about investing in these items is that they're definitely wearable again. (OK, maybe not the nude leggings, but you can try.) The coat and the bodysuit are wardrobe staples, so I say they're worth the investment.

3. The Makeup

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, $40,

Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer, $30,

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Pink Beige, $32,

More often than not, Kim K can be seen sporting intense contouring, a swipe of bronzer, and a subtle nude nip. Her whole staple beauty look is basically nude toned heaven. If you really want people to know who you're dressing up as right away, there must be no skipping the contouring.

4. The Accessories

Pointed Court Heels, $40,

I find it hard to believe that a fan of the Kardashians — especially a fan so dedicated that they'd dress up as one for Halloween — wouldn't already own a pair of nude heels. If not, have no fear: These simple, pointed heels are very Kardashian without the Kardashian price tag.

Kim Kardashian Style Engagement Ring, $39.99,

As a final touch, Kim K's look just wouldn't be complete without her massive, glimmering engagement ring. Opt for this lookalike if you want to avoid the trillion dollar price tag.

Luckily for us, the OTT nature of the fashion of the Kardashians — the daring looks that you'd never actually see on the street — makes them the perfect candidates for copying on Halloween. Never let your size stop you imitating your favorite celebrities for the holiday. All you need is a dedicated search for similar styles and a bit of amateur dramatics. Pretending to be Kim K can be perfected by keeping your phone in one hand and a contour kit in the other all night.

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