A 2015 Ruby Rose Halloween Costume That Is Totally Badass — PHOTOS

Ruby Rose took the public eye by storm this year. Her turn as Stella on Orange is the New Black skyrocketed the star into the mainstream of Hollywood celebrity, but it was her incredible, gender fluid identity that really caught attention, so what better way to celebrate the star than with a Ruby Rose Halloween costume that's totally badass. While jokes can be made about how you could just be Justin Bieber, Rose is becoming recognizable as herself in the public eye, thanks to her ultra cool, boundary pushing persona. For that reason, she should be celebrated!

Back in January of this year, Rose was announced as newcomer Stella Carlin to hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Rose's character was originally announced as a potential love interest for both Piper and Alex (we know how that worked out now), but it was Rose herself who captured the most attention, not her character Stella. Rose's gender binary defying sense of both self and fashion are two of her most compelling traits. Her short film Break Free celebrates gender fluidity, and it showcases a portion of her own identity that is vulnerable and beautiful. Since coming onto the scene in the US, she's had fashion moment after fashion moment, showcased the gorgeousness of androgynous beauty, and slayed on OitNB. Now, it's time to celebrate Rose by being her.

So what will you need for a Ruby Rose Halloween costume?

Rose's Gorgeous Beauty Look

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

This incredible tutorial from Kandee Johnson will have you looking like Rose in no time. OK, maybe not no time, but you'll totally look like her.

Black Pants

Slim Fit Pants High Waist, $24.99, H&M

When I think of Ruby Rose, I think of neutrals and blacks. These pants are perfect for the look.

Boxy White Tank

Contemporary Raw-Cut Boxy Tank, $7.90, Forever21

Rose combines androgynous fashions, so you'll need to rock a boxy tank with those fitted pants.


Women's Bi-stretch Twill Blazer, $26.25, Target

If you live in a warmer climate and can skip outerwear, I'd do so. However, if you need to warm up, blazers are a staple in Rose's wardrobe.


Air Force One 1 07 LE Low, $89.99, Nike

Sneakers are a huge part of Rose's look, so why not embrace it and rock some gorgeous sneakers.

Temporary Tattoo Kit

Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit, $24.99, BeWild

There's no way to be Ruby Rose without her signature tattoos, and this kit will help you achieve them.

Images: Courtesy of brands