An 'O.C.' Group Costume For Nostalgia Fanatics

OK, it's been a decade or so, but you can be real with me: you're still a little in love with The O.C. It is a real pang to your heart every day, and you wish you could find more ways to incorporate it into your life. Well, though Halloween wasn't really the show's speciality when it came to holidays (that's Chrismukkah, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by New Year's Eve), maybe you and three of your funniest friends (or one friend and two reluctant boyfriends) can do a The O.C.' group couples' costume for Halloween. In fact, allow me to help you out.

Now, of course you could definitely get more elaborate with costumes and add on accessories. If you're Seth, you could totally carry around a plastic horse to be your Captain Oats, and, if you're Ryan, what would be a better excuse to carry around a CD of Journey's greatest hits at all times? The world is your oyster.

But, I have an inkling that you don't have the same kind of money as your average Newport Beach resident. So, I'm just going to get you saddled up with the absolute basics — the absolute most basic of the basics, even — and you're free to use that as a jumping point.

Marissa And Summer

The only thing that makes Marissa and Summer's style hard to emulate is the fact that they are ever-so-slightly dated. Not in a bad way, just in the sense that flared jeans ($20.00) aren't making a big comeback the way they did in 2005. But, to start out an outfit for either, you want to find a pair and go from there.

Marissa had a deep love for polos, and, while I don't think you should blow your rent money on a Lacoste shirt, you could definitely afford this polo from Old Navy ($8.00). Chanel bags are probably also too rich for your blood, so, instead, you could incorporate Chanel in a different way — like with these earrings from Etsy ($8.77).

Moving on, Summer went from Juicy Couture sweatshirts to an understated bohemian look, which hard to kind of commodify into one outfit. But this pink top ($15.90, pink is so Summer) is a great compromise. You get a slight boho vibe, while bringing back that very early 2000s camisoles-as-shirts look. Then, all you have to do is throw on a pair of hoop earrings ($3.90) and you're all set.

Ryan and Seth

Alright, once again, all you have to start with for either is jeans. These wide-legged jeans ($24.90) are technically for the ladies, but I'm just using them to illustrate that you shouldn't be wearing skinny jeans for this. None of these costumes should have skinny jeans, kids, that style was like two years before The O.C.'s time.

Ryan's outfit is super easy, cheap and comfy, and the only downside is that you have to wear a Justin Bieber wig ($24.90). Obviously, you need to pick up a white cotton ribbed undershirt ($6.75) and a leather necklace ($5.99), and then you just layer a gray hoodie ($29.95) on top. You will be the warmest girl on Halloween, it's a crazy thing.

Now, for Seth, you basically just need to get your garden variety argyle sweater ($29.99) like this one from Kohl's. I may actually own this, and it may actually be delightfully warm. Um, there isn't anything that can solidly capture his beautiful Jewfro, but this emo-ish looking wig ($12.99) might have to do. If nothing else, the price is right. So, then, you basically just kick on an old pair of black converse and talk about Death Cab For Cutie all night. Instant Seth.

And, unless you want to get a fifth friend to be Sandy Cohen's eyebrows, that's it. California, here you come!

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (2); Forever 21 (2); Hollister; Old Navy (2); Etsy