Easy Zenon Halloween Costume Ideas, Because Why Wouldn't You Want To Be A Supernova Girl?

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century should absolutely be revered for it's catchy slang and fashion choices, because it was arguably the greatest Disney Channel original movie of our time. And maybe that's because the titular character, Zenon Kar, was ridiculously amazing. So amazing, in fact, that dressing up as Zenon for Halloween might be the best decision you'll make all year.

And honestly, a Zenon Kar Halloween costume is an easy costume to put together, even last minute. All you really need to find are some metallic vests and a pair of dope tights. (OK, there's more than just that, but trust, it's still relatively simply.)

You also might need to refresh your memory on all of her most famous catchphrases. It'd be "lunarious" (read: bad) if you didn't! So, before you start shopping and crafting the most stellar Zenon costume ever, I suggest you take some time out to go watch the trilogy. (Yes, it is a trilogy.) And when you return, get ready for a... wait for it... out of this world costume! (I'm so sorry I just did that, but there really wasn't another choice.)

Welcome back! Aren't you glad you re-watched it? Now, here's your play by play on how to dress like Zenon for Halloween:

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1. A Bright Pink Long-Sleeved Leotard

If you can find a metallic long-sleeved top, that's perfect — but more than likely you'll have to go with a leotard. Metallic, Zenon-y long sleeve leotards can often be found at Dance supply stores, like Discount Dance.

2. Bright Metallic Tights

You can find a pair just like these for a really good price on eBay. This particular set is only $8.75.

3. Vest

A medium blue vest with a zipper is ideal. This one from Amazon equals worthy of a Proto Zoa song.

4. Skirt

Basic Blue Bodycon Skirt, $9, Ebay

You need a basic blue bodycon mini skirt to match the vest, like this one from eBay.

5. Scrunchies

Gold Metallic Scrunchie, $7, Amazon

Even though it was 2049, Zenon rocked a scrunchie like nobody's business (fashion is cyclical, I guess). Put your hair in two high pigtails using two Gold Scrunchies, like these from Amazon.

6. Sneakers

You'll need some black platform sneakers of the laced up variety. These ones from Sammy Dress are totally alpha major.

7. Accessories

Silver Metallic Chord, $5, Nashville Wraps

Finish off the look with a silver cuff from Amazon, and two DIY necklaces. All you'll need for the DIY is cardboard, silver spray paint, and silver metallic stretch cord. Cut out two shapes: a triangle and a circle, spray them with the silver spray paint, then cut a hole in the top of both shapes. Thread the stretch cord through the hole and fasten it around your neck. Make both necklaces different lengths.

There you have it. Zoom, zoom, zoom. A Zenon costume to make your heart go boom, boom, boom.

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Images: Discount Dance; eBay (2); Amazon (3); Sammy Dress; Disney Channel; Giphy (2)