Laverne Cox's No Makeup Selfie Slays

Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox is pretty much a Beyonce-level glam diva on the show and IRL. Her character Sophia runs the prison's beauty salon, so of course she is all about hair and makeup. But the transgender actress, who always looks fabulous, ditches the lip gloss and gorgeous waves every now and again! The latest Laverne Cox no makeup selfie let us see her face as is and it also showed off her natural curls!

Can we stop and talk about Cox's uuuuuh-mazing skin? It's flawless and glowing, instead of being caked with product. She totally reminds me of the Queen Bey with her absolutely gorgeous natural beauty, which is even more evident without a drop of product on her face.

The often body positive Cox also swept her hair off her face in a tight pony, which called even more attention to her eyes. She hashtagged the photo with #NoMakeup and #NoWeave. There may be a little moisturizing lip balm on her pucker, which added a hint of sheen. But other than that, she was a makeup-free beauty.

The actress may cause makeup sales to plummet, since this photo is such a source of inspo. It makes me want to dare to bare.

Hello beautiful! Cox has impeccable makeup skills, but she also has quite a canvas to work with and on which to build her glam looks.

Here she is with her usual full makeup and hair.

But her recent barefaced selfie is not the only time that Cox has gone makeup-free on her IG, though. She tosses a no makeup selfie in to the mix every once in a while.

She was au naturel with a sheer, black bodysuit, which also showed off dem curves.

How amazing? She noted in her caption that one of the Insta filters can add instant contouring to a makeup-less face. She seriously is the cutest.

Glam as ever without her makeup but because of her flowing waves!

Laverne Cox is a stunner and a head-turner with makeup or without. But I admit I love when she shows off her perfect skin.

Images: Laverne Cox/Instagram (5)