Kate Hudson Does Faux Lob For 'Allure'

Sometimes even boho chic glam queens like to switch things up and try something a little more sophisto. Kate Hudson did a curly, faux lob for her Allure cover and it was chic without being too mature. Hudson is known for her cascade of beachy waves and her effortless, boho style. But she reeled her wild curls in a bit for the mag's November 2015 issue.

Of course the mother of two looks phenomenal with minimal makeup that consists of a pale pink lipstick and some bronzy shadow and eyeliner on the upper lid and along the lower lashes. Other than that, it's a softer, gentler Kate Hudson, with her creamy complexion and her blonde tendrils remaining the focus.

Her face is framed by that halo of golden curls, which were likely pinned in the back to resemble a messy and textured faux lob.

It's an unexpected change of pace for the actress, since her big and curly coif is her signature.

The accompanying Allure photo spread finds Hudson rocking a variety of sexy outfits and poses, including a sheer lace dress and leather gloves.

Hudson's Instagram feed is an endless source of makeup-free fitspiration, since she is often working out, goofing off, and having fun. But she reminded us of her glam-ness with her latest Allure cover.

She's a total babe.

It's like she hasn't aged a bit since her July 2004 cover. That smile... it's infectious.

The most dramatic cover in her repertoire has to be her 2008 W cover, which was fierce, futuristic, and very un-Kate-like. What, no smile?

Meanwhile, her 2011 Marie Claire Australia cover was the most boho, loose, fun, and seemingly Kate-like of the bunch! She didn't do much in the way of makeup, instead letting those famous waves be the centerpiece of the look. Again, it's the smile that is so damn infectious.

Her 2008 Vogue nod was sweet and the epitome of her boho signatures!

That smile! It's so megawatt, warm, and inviting. It dominates most of her covers. Her 2014 Harper's Bazaar cover was full of real girl femininity, thanks to her smile, her vibe, and her matching lipstick and cleavage-showing dress.

As you can see from a sampling of her many, many magazine covers, Kate Hudson likes to mix things up for fashion editorial. Because she is so pretty, she is able to pull pretty much any look off. But it always looks like she is having fun, thanks to that light-up-a-room smile.

Images: Allure (2); W (1); Marie Claire (1); Vogue (1); Harper's Bazaar (1)