Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Will Remix "What Do You Mean", But They Should Do A Real Song Together

If you're still a tried and true Belieber, you probably already know that Justin Bieber's newest album Purpose is available for pre-order, formally coming out on November 13. In fact, given the level of fanaticism from Beliebers, you've probably already pre-ordered it by now. But hold onto your hats for a pretty big plot twist: while you've undoubtedly been psyched that Bieber and Ariana Grande were remixing "What Do You Mean?" for the record with the song available for pre-order, all you're basically ordering is the pre-order for the song. Sad panda. So how can the two kiss and make-up to us? Well, how about Bieber and Grande team up for an actual duet?

Even though Purpose's track list is pretty much set in stone right now, I'm sure that Grande could find some room on her upcoming album Moonlight , and, honestly? If you've taken a look back at their respective careers, a duet between the two seems like a long time coming. In fact, there is some solid reasoning why this musical union should come to fruition. So without further delay, here are 11 reasons why Bieber and Grande should join forces on an actual song.

1. They Foster A Long-Standing, Although Not Drama Free, Friendship


Never forget the kiss-on-the-cheek seen around the world. These two crazy kids go back, way back.

2. They Both Have Dedicated Fanbases That Would Definitely Rally Together


There's gotta be huge overlaps between Beliebers and Arianators, right? If nothing else, they are crazy passionate mostly-14-year-olds.

3. And A Song Like That Would Be Trending On Twitter In Milliseconds


With said insane fans, Hashtag Ari and Bieber Duet would be all over social media. Then again, "all marshmallow Lucky Charms" was trending one day, so it really doesn't take much to get people pumped anymore.

4. They Could Use It As A Duel Plug For Their Respective Perfumes


You know, pull a Britney Spears and just blatantly spray each other with those things in the entire music video. For the record, I have tried Ari by Ariana Grande and it is decidedly fine.

5. Oh, And That Music Video Would Be Next Level Stuff


Neon lights, dystopian nightmares, I think that they could pull this off. Just leave Iggy Azalea out of this.

6. They Both Could Use The Good Publicity


Bieber has had a long and tumultuous relationship with Twitter, and, after Doughnutgate, Grande became the second most hated celebrity in the world... it's almost impressive, really.

7. Grande's Vocals Would Bring Bieber's Musicianship Up A Notch


'Cause let's be real, Bieber has a lot of interesting qualities, but Grande has range.

8. And Bieber's Drum-Playing Could Bring Grande's Musicianship Up A Notch


Let's change it up a bit and use real instruments, shall we? Then we can really start considering them artistes.

9. All The Ariana Grande Groping, If You're Into That Kind Of Thing


Bieber's been known to get a little handsy with her on stage, so if you're a shipper of Bieber and Grande (a Beliebanator?), this song would be a gateway into more of that.

10. It Could Lead To More A Dual Tour


Oh, the emotions, I can't even handle it right now.

11. I Mean, Why Wouldn't You Encourage Two Pop Megaforces To, You Know, Join Forces?


It's only logical that they unite for the a piece that would climb the top of Top 40 music with a vengeance.

But, oh, we'll see what happens. Don't stop beliebing.

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