Will 'Manzo'd With Children' Return for Season 3? These Manzo Moments Will Tide Fans Over

I still remember when The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered and introduced the world to Caroline Manzo. The fiery redhead was the show's voice of reason, and she quickly took on a strict but lovable role with her fellow housewives. But, after five seasons of dealing with crazy Jersey drama, it was no surprise that Caroline decided to leave the Housewives franchise. But like any good Bravolebrity, Caroline earned her own series, Manzo'd With Children. The first season premiered in November 2014 and proved to be TV gold. It was no surprise Bravo renewed the show in January 2015. But, after a stellar second season of crazy news business ideas, bridezilla tactics, and a tear-inducing wedding scenes, I'm ready for more Manzo. That being said I can't help but wonder: Will there will be a Manzo'd With Children Season 3?

Even though Caroline is still one of the favorites from the Housewives franchise, ratings for Season 2 were lower than the first. Viewership for Season 1 never fell below 1 million, while Season 2 saw their numbers drop as low as 670,000. But there's still hope for more Manzo screen time. After all, the season finale pulled in a larger audience than the premiere, which means viewers are interested. Not to mention the ratings are still average for the demographic and time. And if we needed any more proof for why the Manzos should stick around, I've compiled a list of the best Manzo'd With Children moments so far.

1. When Albie, Chris, and Lauren Recreated Childhood Pictures For Their Mom

With sibling rivalries gaining a lot of airtime in Season 1, it was refreshing to see the Manzo children cooperate for their mother in Season 2. And it helped that the pictures were spot on.

2. When Caroline Couldn't Stop Sobbing After Her Trapeze Ride

In Season 1, poor Caroline couldn't quite tackle her fear of the trapeze like her kid's sibling rivalries. But she made the jump, and that's what really counts.

3. When Caroline Sprayed Herself With Water While Scolding Lauren

While Chris and Albie may have gotten a lot more joy out of their sister renaming Cafface to Full Blown, I couldn't help but giggle when Caroline chided Lauren about getting in a plumber for running water. Turns out Lauren already did that.

4. When Brittany Opened The Beer Bottle With Her Teeth

Anyone with eyes could see that Brittany Parks was not exactly who Momma Manzo saw her precious Albie marrying. But this moment confirmed in my mind that she probably wouldn't be hanging out with the Manzo family too long. It's okay Britt; it's still a great party trick.

5. When Albie and Chris Surprised Lauren At Her Bridal Shower With Greg

To be fair Greg Bennett was my favorite reoccurring guest on Real Housewives of New Jersey , so it's no surprise that I was ready for his return. And of course Lauren's reaction to Greg was perfect.

6. When Al Gave Lauren A Pre-Wedding Gift

Something about these father-daughter moments really get to me. To be fair, this was almost as touching as when Lauren tried to give her dad back her gold American Express... which he ultimately told her to keep.

7. When Caroline Cried Because Of Chris' Children's Book Cover

You can't deny that Caroline loves her children. Her pride over each of their accomplishments even had me tearing up.

8. When Lauren Danced With Her Dad At The Wedding Reception

Once again Al, who rarely shows emotion, was pulling at viewers' heartstrings. Watching him break down while dancing with Lauren was touching; there's a reason even Chris was crying.

9. When Albie Scared Vito And Lauren In The Bloopers From Season 2

All of the bloopers are hilarious because it's the Manzos. But Lauren's reaction to seeing Vito upset takes the cake.

After two seasons of laughter and real talk with the Manzos, I have my fingers crossed that there's still more to come.

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