Tom Hiddleston Appears On 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' & He's The Best Reason To Tune In To Late Night Shows — VIDEO

During his highly anticipated appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert , Tom Hiddleston proved two things: One, he is even more adorable than we all thought, and two, he will always be reason enough to stay up late enough to actually watch late night talk shows live. Like, personally, after a long day of work, I typically don't do much: I like to put on sweats, wear some comfy slippers, eat fro-yo and have an extended date with my down comforter. My nights are more like one episode of Netflix and then chill with an early bedtime in my world. But, when Hiddleston is on late night television, I immediately throw these plans to the wind — and Friday night, Hiddleston's Colbert appearance proved exactly why.

When I found out Hiddleston, aka Loki, aka the man of my dreams, was set to appear on The Late Show , I chugged some coffee and prepared for a late night. This is something I had to see for myself live, and with plenty of commercial breaks so I could be given ample time to catch my breath. (Don't judge me. The sight of such a beautiful specimen of the human male can sometimes cause respiratory distress.)

Of course, my future husband and his Crimson Peak cohorts did not disappoint. He was charming (per the usual), his accent was on point (par for the course), and he even let Colbert call his man-parts the "English Countryside." Basically, this interview was everything..


Need more proof that Hiddleston's late night television appearances are always the best reason to stay up late? Luckily for you, he gave us a lot of that...

When Colbert Was Like, "You Are Too Accomplished — There Are Too Many Things To Talk About!"

Colbert said this to the whole group, but all know the truth — he was directing this comment at Hiddleston. And Yes, yes, he is: Hiddleston is very accomplished. Hiddleston is the best, everyone knows this.

When Guillermo Del Toro Gave A History On Gothic Romances

This is the The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, not Sophomore English Lit — I want more Hiddleston and less talk about Victorian literature.

When Del Toro Made A Funny Joke

When Hiddleston laughed, he tilted his head and smiled — I love it. Keep talking, surprisingly funny man del Toro.

When Colbert Made A Funny Joke

Hiddleston was laughing so hard he slapped his knee. He slapped his knee! Who does that? Hiddleston does that. And it was retro, old school, and endearingly charming. You do you, Tom.

When The Group Talked About "The Reach Around" Trick

You know what I'm talking about. It's when someone "yawns," and then reaches their arm around their significant other. Hiddleston looks like he knows this move very well.

The Fact He Kept Licking His Lips


Plain and simple — this should not be legal. It's too darn hot.

When Colbert Said Hiddleston Seem Repressed

If he means that Hiddleston has had to repress some of his sexiness so he could walk among mortals, then yes, Colbert is correct.

When Hiddleston Talked About Gothic Romance

Now, this is a literature lesson I can pay attention to.

When They Showed A Clip From 'Crimson Peak'

I am both terrified and aroused.

When They Mention You Can See Hiddleston's Butt In The Film

It would appear that I have not been watching the correct Crimson Peak trailers. BRB, I gotta go do some Internet searching, because, turns out, I could have been watching images of his butt for months — I am ashamed of myself for not knowing this. I have failed as a Hiddlestoner.

When Colbert Called Hiddleston's Privates His "English Countryside"

I am 100 percent on board with this.

When Tom Explained How Sex Works

The birds and the bees speech by Hiddleston is surprisingly technical. Hiddleston sex advice: You must take off your pants for things to work.

Without my precious beauty sleep, I might look like a cracked-out raccoon in the morning (#flawless) but it was totally worth it. It's nothing a little concealer can't fix. Under eye bags are temporary, Tom Hiddleston is forever.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

And if that short clip isn't enough (because with Tom Hiddleston, a little is never enough) check out the full interview here.

Images: Giphy; The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube (13)