12 Times Tumblr Just Got Tom Hiddleston On A Deep & Meaningful Level

Actor, feminist, god — Tom Hiddleston is a man who wears many hats, and he makes them all look good. The actor has earned himself a legion of fans not only because he's talented (which he is) or because he makes everyone swoon (which he does), but because he's such a legitimately cool guy. He can be silly and serious, sometimes at the same time. He's an enigma of a man, but Tumblr has Hiddleston figured out.

Tumblr gets that he is prone to playfulness and has a delightfully unique sense of humor. Tumblr knows Hiddleston doesn't take himself too seriously, but that he is serious about his career. Tumblr knows that Hiddleston feels passionate about helping other people. Tumblr knows all, because it is home to many, many Hiddlestoners who have come together to celebrate one of our generation's most diverse and personable actors. Let's face it: Hiddleston is an epic dude, and it is mind-boggling how often Tumblr has captured his essence in truly inspired, or simply candid, gifs of the man/legend that is Hiddleston.

It is hard to truly understand what goes into making Hiddleston so... well, Hiddleston, but his Tumblr fans have come closer to cracking the formula than anyone else. I dove into the land of Hiddlestoners on Tumblr and I have returning bearing gifts. Here are 12 times Tumblr just got Hiddleston on every level.

1. When They Acknowledged Hiddleston Can Get Very Real

Despite how often he gets serious onscreen, Hiddleston spends a lot of his time in the limelight joking around. In truth, he has a deeply selfless side, and this gif, with appropriate black and white coloring, shows off Hiddleston's earnest side.

2. When They Showed Off How Much He Appreciates His Fans

The appreciation party is mutual. Just look at his face, he totally gets how much everyone loves him and is humbled by it.

3. When They Gave Him Cat Whiskers

Look, Hiddleston told Empire he was a dog person, but everyone knows someone with a mischievous glint in his eye like Hiddleston has to be a cat person down deep.

4. When They Immortalized This Timeless Quote

Further proof that Hiddleston is a cat person on the down low.

5. When They Found The Perfect Hiddleston Comeback

Hiddleston is much too much of a gentleman to drop the mic with his own name, but Tumblr understands the true scope of his power.

6. When They Captured His Pure Enthusiasm

He is super psyched that he has an army, and also probably a little giggly over the fact.

7. When They Felt His Awkward Pain

Hiddleston is prone to the occasional awkward silence, and it is a super relatable quality.

8. When They Honored His Bromance With Benedict Cumberbatch

There is no sight more beautiful than this one.

9. When They Agreed This Was The Sound Of His Laugh

Not only was a consensus reached, an appropriate spelling was agreed upon.

10. When They Honored His Hugging Skills

This is just one of countless gifs to showcase Hiddleston's hugging expertise.

11. When They Realized He Is A True Gentleman Who Believes In Romance

This is why he makes everyone swoon, non-believers.

12. When They Acknowledged That He Totally Gets The Effect He Has On People

It's a very meta relationship, but Tumblr and Hiddleston wouldn't have it any other way.

Keep making gifs, Tumblr, because you understand Tom Hiddleston the way he has always wanted to be understood.

Images: gifhunts11 (8), kittyfacegifs, le-gifsforyou, fyeahtomhiddleston, thetomhiddlestoneffect/Tumblr