Kate Hudson Has Big Plans For Fabletics

She pretty much slays when it comes to style, so it comes as no surprise that her very own line of workout gear has been wildly successful. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is expanding, and the opening of its first brick and mortar stores is only the beginning. Hudson has big plans for the brand, and I’m super excited to see what she has up her sleeve.

For now, the brand is opening a set of six stores in various places across the U.S., but Hudson is also hoping to expand into Europe, she told InStyle. She also told the publication, “I want to make some cute active clothes for kids — tracksuits, things that they wear and I think would be good.” So, there could be athletic wear for kids in the near future. How cute would that be? I’m picturing her fun pieces in mini-version as we speak.

Between her lines for women and for men, she’s got this workout gear thing down pat. And whether she’s repping her own brand or not, she’s got some great personal athleisure style, too. See seven times she’s rocked some workout wear, and just imagine how cute these pieces will be they come in matching mini sets, too.

1. Sneak Peek

There's clearly more to get excited about from this brand — this matching set, for example.

2. Kickin' It

Hudson knows how to kick back and relax in comfy, sporty style.

3. Training Mode

A stylish workout is always better than a regular workout, you know?

4. Puppy Time

Playing with puppies is my cardio.

5. Stretch It

Stretch it, stretch it good.

6. Namaste

I'd definitely be willing to meditate if I could wear that while I did it.

7. Good Old Outdoors

They may have gotten rained on, but they still looked super cute. You've got to find the silver lining, right?

Hudson kills it when it comes to fitspiration, so whatever the future holds for Fabletics, it's really is going to be fabulous.

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