Rumer Willis Doesn't Have Black Hair Anymore

She’s not bronde, she’s not a full-on redhead, but she’s still super on-trend. Rumer Willis dyed her hair strawberry blonde, and I must say, the new do is quite fitting for her. She’s been seen as a blonde while wearing a wig for her Broadway role as Roxie Hart, but this is no wig — this is the real deal, and the color looks great. Rocking this color is the perfect way to make a statement this fall. Not to mention, it’s going to match all of the things she’ll be undoubtedly wearing this season. I wouldn’t be opposed to her making this a more permanent, year-round kind of thing, either, though.

This has been quite the transformation, all to arrive at this amazing strawberry blonde color. She’s gone from a bob cut to more of a pixie style in her natural brown-black hue. Then she added a slight hint of red to her short hair and finally, she wound up with this latest style. Being that this was the final destination, I can say with confidence: it was definitely worth the ride.

See each step of Willis’ hair-changing process and see if you don’t agree with me. I definitely didn’t see this coming, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Strawberry blonde for fall? Good call, Willis, good call.

1. Long Locks

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is her original long and luscious hair, where it all began.

2. The Bob

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This chin-length do with a deep side-part really worked for her.

3. The Pixie

Going even shorter, she totally pulled this off, too, which is hard to do, IMO.

4. Pixie With A Hint Of Red

As you can see, the red was a good look, too.

5. Something New

Little did we know this was just the beginning!

6. Strawberry Blonde

Behold her latest dye job. It's pretty amazing, huh?

Willis, if you're reading, I know you like to change it up, but let's keep it like this for a while now, OK? OK. Glad we had this talk.

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