20 Costume Ideas For People Who Hate Halloween

Halloween is fun for a lot of people, but not everyone. For some of us, Halloween is kind of a bust. Dressing up in an expensive costume only to have sloppy drunk fools judge the amount of wit, time, and energy that went into planning it? Ugh. What's the point? Sure, finding creative Halloween costumes can be fun, but the majority of costumes for women are bonkers sexy versions of normal things that absolutely do not need to be sexy. I mean, does anyone really need to be turned on by a sexy pizza rat? No. You do not need to add sex appeal to a subway rodent.

So if you hate dressing up for Halloween, what are your options? Boycott any Halloween parties, and just stay home by yourself watching 30 Rock re-runs? That is ALWAYS an option, my friends. But if you are attending a Halloween party or just going out on the town with friends and are expected to dress up, you can do it without putting in a lot of effort or mental energy, and still look totally brilliant with the outfit you've chosen. You can also do it on the cheap, which is key. Here are a bunch of costumes made for people who hate dressing up for Halloween.

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1. April Ludgate

What you'll need: April hates most things. So to give off that disapproving vibe that April does so well, just wear a scowl, your hair down, and a cardigan, printed tank, and jeans. Because April's signature style is probably a lot like yours anyway.

2. Slumber Party

What you'll need: A set of matching pajamas that are extra cozy, and a blanket to wrap around your shoulders. Also, slippers and candy, because... slumber party.

3. 404 Error

What you'll need: Just this t-shirt from Etsy ($15.99). That is all. You're welcome.

4. Christmas

What you'll need: Dressing up like anything from the jolly Christmas season feels almost wrong, doesn't it? Because it's such a happy, PG, wonderful time filled with love, and Halloween is all about gruesome monsters, death, and darkness. So why not reject this holiday entirely, and skip ahead to Christmas via your costume? At the very least, a Santa hat and an ugly Christmas sweater will do just fine. Obnoxious Christmas earrings and a hideous broach will add to the fun.

5. Normcore

What you'll need: Whatever you can find in your parents' closet. Plain sneakers, mom jeans, and a polo shirt would complete the ensemble. Oh, or anything from LL Bean. They are all about functional, grownup attire.

6. Spa Day

What you'll need: A bathrobe, flip-flops, a sleep mask, and an air of complete zen surrounding you at all times.

7. Cat

What you'll need: Cat ears, and black makeup to create a little cat nose and whiskers on your face. Then wear whatever you're wearing. That's all you really need to be a cat. Anything south of the neck area doesn't matter.

8. Nudist On Strike

What you'll need: Whatever you're currently wearing, plus a sign around your neck that says, "Nudist on Strike." Annnnd you're done.

9. Rebellious Halloween Top

What you'll need: Here's this warm and cozy hoodie from Etsy ($26) that says it all by saying, "This is my Halloween costume." What more could you ask for when rejecting a costume holiday?

10. Wednesday Addams

What you'll need: Wednesday is low maintenance, and just like April Ludgate, she hates everything. She always rocks a black dress, black tights, and sensible black shoes. It's a practical look for her unfeeling, homicidal adventures.

11. #tbt

What you'll need: Have anything in your closet that you haven't worn for at least five years? An old prom dress? A classic '90s outfit? Throw it on, and make a little sign that says, "#tbt." EVERYONE will get it.

12. Hot Mess

What you'll need: Really just put on whatever hot outfit you'd wear on a night out, and let a bra strap hang out, smudge that lip stain, and mess up your 'do. Enter every Halloween party like you're five drinks in (even if you're not), and people will love you while also avoiding you.

13. Smartie Pants

What you'll need: A pack of Smarties candy, some tape, and then just go to town attaching these to your pants. Easy, hilarious, and great for when you need a late-night snack.

14. Girl in a Spook-tacular Halloween Dress

What you'll need: Any of these amazing Halloween-themed dresses. A dress like this is an easy way to look like you've got the Halloween spirit without wearing a costume and putting in too much effort.

15. Disgust From Inside Out

What you'll need: OK, hear me out. This costume has a lot of pieces to it: A green dress, green leggings, green shoes, a green wig, and a pink/purple scarf. But it's totally worth it, because you can walk around all night being utterly disgusted with everyone else around you. And isn't that kind of the dream?

16. Sweater Weather

What you'll need: An oversized sweater, fall leaves (fake or real will do), and fabric glue to attach them to the sweater. Carry around a PSL for bonus points.

17. Regina George

What you'll need: Just a tank, a colorful bra, and a pair of scissors, really. You can add the skirt and heels if you'd like, but the shirt with boob holes exposing the bold bra will give everyone enough to know what you're going for.

18. Farmer

What you'll need: Overalls, boots, a plaid shirt, and maybe a shovel. Carry around a raw beet, and hopefully your inner circle will recognize you as a hardworking member of Schrute Farms.

19. Zombie Version Of Yourself

What you'll need: Rip up an outfit you don't love so much anymore, and apply some zombie makeup. Splash a little fake blood on your clothes, and there you go.

20. Any Disney Villain

What you'll need: Definitely a wig, menacing makeup, and a cape of some kind. And that'll work for whichever villain you choose. Dressing as a villain instantly makes you seem disinterested in the reason for dressing up. You're choosing the bad guy, and why would anyone choose the bad guy? Maybe because on Halloween you're feeling like this:

Happy Halloween!

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