How To Dress In Drake & Meek Mill Enemy Costumes

If you're still on the fence about what Halloween costumes you and your BFF or S.O. will be sporting this year, I have the perfect solution: Drake and Meek Mill Halloween costumes. Because, really, a couples costume just isn't all that fun unless you pretend to be rivals.

In case you aren't up to date on your pop culture, here's a quick recap of why Drake and Meek Mill are in a feud: The warring rappers were initially best buddies, having collaborated in 2011 on Meek Mill's "Amen" after Drake lent the then-lower-profile Mills a verse. This led to the track peaking at number 57 on the Billboard charts, becoming Mill's best known tune among mainstream music fans.

In July 2015, things turned nasty. The Philadelphia-born Mill chose to go on a long-winded Twitter rant, accusing his Toronto contemporary of regularly employing ghostwriters, after being informed that Drake's verse in "R.I.C.O" was co-written by Atlanta rap artist Quentin Mills — thus earning him the nickname "Drake the Fake."

Chaos ensued, and Drake bit back with a rousing duo of "Charged Up" (referred to by Meek Mill as "baby lotion soft") and "Back to Back Freestyle." Mill then responded with "Wanna Know," premiering on Funk Master Flex's Hot 97 radio show, and featuring a sample of a Quentin Miller reference track (exchanged between songwriters and artists during the collaborative process).

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Further tweets were type-spat, outside rappers got involved, and derogatory Insta-memes were posted, until the feud reached its culmination on Aug. 13 when Mill posted an extensive (and since deleted) Instagram comment that read, "I'm not entertaining no rap/real beef over Drake." He also added that he does not feel like he has to prove himself to people; simultaneously removing his poorly-received diss track from his Soundcloud profile.

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So, have the sparring rappers really kissed and made up, or is Meek simply laying low and licking his war wounds? Only time will tell.

Whatever your standpoint on the musical feud, why not relive some of the highlights of the good fight, inject some humor into Halloween, and maybe even show your Drake/Meek Mill allegiance, with one of these tongue-in-cheek Drake versus Mills costume pairings? Just don't choose a real life enemy as your costume compadre — or things could get uglier than when Drake spat the lyric, "Is that a world tour, or your girl's tour?" about Meek Mill opening for Nicki Minaj.

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1. Drake & Meek Mill Cowboys In "Back To Back Freestyle" Showdown

Fashion Cowboy Hat Suede, $2.92,

Renowned for their Internet shoot-offs, Drake and Meek Mill's cross social media battle proves the rap battling pair would make perfect contemporary cowboys. Now, you have two options here: On the one hand, you can go the easy route and grab a ready to wear cowboy (or girl) costume.

Sassy Cowgirl Adult Women's Plus Size Costume, $39.99,

Full Body Uniformed Costume, $44.99,

Plus Size Rawhide Cowboy Costume, $58.99,

Deluxe Western Cowboy Costume, $22.47,

On the other hand, you can create your own cowboy couture to taste by following a simple DIY cowboy costume tutorial. Next, it's time to mix things up a bit. Remember, you aren't just any old cowboy. You're a feuding rap artist cowboy. My advice is to swap your guns for this pack of two Disk Shooters.

Disk Shooters, $66.21,

Then grab a pair of cuticle scissors and use them to carefully trim the large foam disks into music notes if you're Drake (to represent your lyrical diss track weaponry) or letter shapes if you're posing as Meek Mill (to represent your war of reputation-tarnishing tweeted words).

2. "Toronto Blue Jays" Drake versus "Philadelphia Phillies" Meek Mill

The track artwork for Drake's diss track "Back To Back Freestyle" was a picture of former Toronto Blue Jays player Joe Carter in total ecstasy after hitting the home run in Game 6 of the 1993 World Series. Who were the Jays up against? That's right... the poor Philadelphia Phillies.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Use this baseball-themed Halloween costume to make reference to Drake's sneaky artwork dig. Any team-themed clothing paraphernalia will do, but try to avoid the official merchandise stores if you're on a budget. Instead, simply grab a plain white T-shirt and some red and blue fabric markers, then draw on your team's design. The less artistically inclined can also print out some ready-to-glue bubble letters to spell out "Team Drake" and "Team Meek" on your designated tees.

ASOS The Ultimate Crew Neck 2 Pack, $21.62,

ASOS Curve The Ultimate Easy T-Shirt, $17.92,

Jumbo T-Shirt Fabric Textile Colored Permanent Marker Paint, $19.10,

3. "Ghost Writer" Drake And "Not-So-Meek Mill" Mill

For 100 percent cheesy pun power, make like this wind turbine-touting joker. Or alternatively, this windmill costume wunderkind for your first step towards becoming "Not-So-Meek Mill." As funny as the first option is (and if you're really dedicated, the instructions are in the costumier's video bio), for the time and money constrained, I'd advise going for the second costume. Here's what you'll need:

And, of course, white plastic garden fencing.

Darice Picket Fence, $4.96 for "18 by 2",

Simply visit this wonderful windmill costumer's blog for instructions on how to build your own mill. For the not-so-meek part, pair your windmill with this speech bubble-shaped, wipe-clean memo board for showcasing Meek Mill's wide range of Drake-related tweets, along with a portable megaphone to voice your ghostwriting woes to all in your vicinity.

Rhode Island Novelety Megaphone, $10.59,

To dress like Drake the ghostwriter, this costume will be a godsend to the cash-strapped while requiring the aid of all your creative juices. Simply make like this Pintrest ghostwriting fanatic and grab a white sheet.

American Baby Company Fitted Sheet, $6.94,

You'll also need a jar of black ink and a feathered quill. Alternatively, you can update your look to make it more hip hop writer relevant by swapping ink and quill for headphones, a set of miniature decks, and a Drake-approved chain necklace

4mm Men's 14K Yellow Gold Plated Franco Chain, $38,

Sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way forward when it comes to dressing as your favorite rap artists. Unless you're intent on dressing as "Not So Meek" Mill, of course.

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