Riley & Maya Are 'GMW's Best Team

It seemed inevitable from the very first episode of Girl Meets World that one day Riley and Maya would find themselves stuck in a triangle with Lucas Friar. Every teen show has to have a little romance drama thrown in for good measure and Lucas had chemistry with both leading ladies. In a three-part event, "Girl Meets Texas," Girl Meets World finally tackled the Riley/Lucas/Maya of it all, and while the girls are just starting to sort out their feelings for Lucas, the only thing not in doubt is their friendship is more important than the romantic problems they are currently dealing with. The good news is, I don't think the show even wants us to be torn over which character should date Lucas because the only team worth being on is Riley and Maya.

Lucas is a great guy, and I happily look forward to shipping him with Riley, Maya, or whoever he ends up falling for in the future. However, I will not be lured into a shipping war where team Lucas/Maya and team Riley/Lucas are endlessly compared and analyzed. Team Riley and Maya is the only side to be on. These girls are an inspiration, and their friendship is as pure and unwavering as Shawn and Cory's was way back in the day on Boy Meets World. They're built to last longer than any romance.

I know it is hard to resist a good love triangle — especially one fraught with as much emotion as Riley, Lucas, and Maya bring to the table — but resist you must. Team Riley and Maya is the team you should be rooting for, and I have highly scientific evidence to back me up.

1. The Bay Window Needs Them

Riley and Maya made a promise to a ghost to keep the bay window a sacred place of friendship and bonding. Even if they hadn't, the bay window represents a safe space where they can share their deepest secrets and fears together, where they can be silly together, and where they can just be. They need the bay window and it needs them. If their friendship imploded over a boy, Riley would probably have to swap rooms with Auggie.

2. Ovaries Before Brovaries

In the words of Leslie Knope: ovaries before brovaries, or more simply, gal pals always come first. These girls are heading into high school, and they need each other's love and support more than they need boyfriends. They've always had each other's backs, and that's what makes Riley and Maya so special.

3.They Can't Let Shawn & Cory Win

Riley and Maya have always insisted they are the best friends ever. Shawn and Cory are the only duo who can threaten their title. If they don't stick together now, the grownups win.

4. They Are Each Other's Biggest Champions

The way Riley and Maya advocate for each other, inspire each other, and just generally create the best support system for each other has brought tears to my eyes more than once. No matter what it is they are afraid of, Maya and Riley champion each other. They both believe the other one can conquer the world, and together they are unstoppable.

5. History Is On Their Side

When you know how long Riley and Maya have been friends, rooting against them is silly. They've been through every stage of growing up together so far, and they are still totally solid. One little boy-related hiccup is nothing when compared to two girls who rode the subway alone together for the first time or faced down a cyberbully or saved art. As Cory would point out, history has shown they are way stronger together than they are apart.

6. They Are The Peanut Butter & Jelly Of People

Peanut butter and jelly can exist independently, but why would they want to when they are so much better together? That's Riley and Maya's friendship to me. They are the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

7. They Love Each Other

They're both in like with Lucas, but they love each other. What Riley and Maya have is beautiful. Romantic love has got nothing on these two BFFs. They have ring power, a bay window, and the knowledge that they will always be each other's constant. Nothing and no one can compete with that.

See, I told you I had highly scientific evidence. TV's best female friendship is the team you want to be on. No other Girl Meets World relationship will ever be as inspiring and sweet as the one that exists between Riley Matthews and Maya Hart.

Images: Disney/YouTube; Giphy (2); rileymaya/Tumblr (5)