'Real Housewives' Jobs Vs. Real People Jobs

At this point, there is not a lot that's "real" about Real Housewives. These women have lives that I could never fathom living. From their extreme wealth to their perfect wardrobes, I can't ever fully understand their problems. Another aspect that blows my mind is these women's careers. First off, they can add "Real Housewives cast members" to their resumes and they all have IMDb pages now as a result. Second, they are parlaying their reality show fame into a multitude of careers that most of us could ever take on. There are some major differences between Real Housewives jobs and real life jobs.

For instance, most of these women have gone from drinking with lunch and throwing wine glasses to having their own alcohol lines. They have photo shoots as a part of their work obligations. Many Housewives have written books about their lives. These women have opened up gyms and starred in workout videos. Others have even kept their "regular" pre-Real Housewives jobs and the normalcy of them can be shocking; these jobs can be anything from running an insurance agency, being a lawyer, or singing for a living. And, on top of that, I would consider being a Real Housewife to be a job — in its own unique way, of course.

Let's check out some of the differences between Real Housewives jobs and regular people jobs.

Real Housewives Are "Obligated" To Do Photo Shoots On The Reg

The Real Housewives are always promoting some sort of business venture, even if that business is just themselves in the most general sense. This constant promotion typically calls for photo shoots. The closest normal people get to this is head shots for their office ID cards.

Real Housewives Write Books About Their Lives

As if the ladies don't reveal enough on their reality shows, plenty of the women have written books. Countess LuAnn de Lesseps wrote a book about etiquette and manners; Bethenny Frankel has written several books about nutrition and her life, and she even wrote a children's book; Teresa Giudice has several cookbooks; Carole Radziwill was an author before she joined Real Housewives of New York. The list goes on and on. Are you even a Real Housewife if you don't have a book? Us regular folk mostly just have a blog or a Tumblr to tell other people about lives.

Real Housewives Record Songs

Kim Zolciak started the Housewives-who-sing craze with her infectious tune "Tardy for the Party"; The Countess has several extremely catchy singles; Kandi Burruss is an professional singer with a Grammy Award. Most regular people can't parlay their everyday jobs into singing careers. It's a #TotalRealHousewivesMove

Real Housewives Sell Sex Toys

There are a lot of people who love to talk about sex all the time, but they rarely can use that trait as a second career. On the other side of things, Kandi has her own line of adult toys called Bedroom Kandi. Cute. Your average woman could create a sex toy line, but I doubt such a personal name would fly without the Real Housewives status.

Real Housewives Design Clothes & Jewelry

The Housewives look pretty amazing all the time, so I'm not shocked that Luann, Shereé Whitfield, Heather Thomson, Melissa Gorga, and Sonja Morgan, among others, have started clothing and accessories lines. They all have varying degrees of success, but it's still more than you or I could do. Not every stylish woman has the resources and exposure to start a clothing line like these ladies can.

Real Housewives Have Their Own Alcohol Lines

Bethenny has her Skinnygirl cocktails. Ramona has her own line of Pinot Grigio. Heather Dubrow is selling her own champagne. The Countess is launching a vodka line. Some of these women love to drink and have turned it into a positive gain for themselves, which is much harder without the Bravo name behind you.

Real Housewives Run Funeral Homes

Phaedra came on RHOA as a successful lawyer, so it was a little shocking when she randomly decided to go to mortician school and run her own funeral home. It's pretty tough for someone to start their own business like that and completely switch careers, but it's a cinch when you've got the Real Housewives name to back you up.

Real Housewives Open Gyms

Tamra Judge went from being the self proclaimed "hottest housewife in Orange County," to using her fitness as inspiration to open up her own gym with her husband, Eddie. This is not typical by any means for the average person, but it's probably easy to get the word out to potential clients when they're already fans of your TV show.

Real Housewives Are Actresses

The Real Housewives have been able to use their fame to get other jobs in the entertainment industry. NeNe Leakes guest-starred on Glee and had a role on The New Normal in addition to starring in Cinderella on Broadway. Heather Dubrow has been getting a lot of acting jobs on shows like Hot in Cleveland. These Housewives are so well-connected and popular that any one of them could be an actress is she wanted. I wish I could say the same for my own life.

Real Housewives Keep Their "Regular" Jobs

Believe it or not, some of the Real Housewives are pulling double duty with their normal jobs and their reality television stardom. Vicki Gunvalson is still running her insurance company; Ramona Singer still has her True Faith Jewelry line; Lisa Vanderpump is still running several California restaurants. These ladies are keeping it real while also being really famous. It goes without saying that this isn't your average regular person experience.

Real Housewives Are, Well, Real Housewives

This is stating the obvious, but these women get to be Real Housewives, which is way different than any real person job that we could ever have. They are famous for living their lives, being sassy, and throwing drinks. They are living the dream.

The Real Housewives can get away with whatever they want, so I'm not shocked that these women can do anything when it comes to their professional lives. Who knows what they will embark on next, but I'm excited to see.

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