Is A 'Gilmore Girls' Time Jump On The Way?

This is probably the best Monday to have ever existed. Why's that? Because Netflix is reportedly reviving Gilmore Girls and, reportedly, it could consist of four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies. Plus, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson, among other key characters, are rumored to return. Are all of my fellow Gilmore Girls fanatics freaking out, shedding tears, shouting from the rooftops, and drinking lots of coffee in celebration? Me too. Me too. To be clear, the revival hasn't been confirmed, and Netflix told Bustle, "We are not commenting." Well, the news it's solidified in stone one way or the other, it's time to speculate about what to expect. For example, will Gilmore Girls have a time jump?

Update: TV Line reports that there will be an eight-year time jump and that all of Rory's boys will be back for the show!

Earlier: It's been eight years since Lorelai, Rory, and every other Stars Hollow resident has graced the small screen, so I'm sure fans want to know what they are up to now. Who doesn't love a good "Where Are They Now?" piece. In addition to showcasing some of the best TV characters ever, and all the beloved quirks, festivals, and characters Gilmore Girls gave to its fans, the revival has to show us how our faves have grown and changed, right?

With that said, here are six reasons why Gilmore Girls should do a time jump.

1. One Name: Richard Gilmore

In 2014, Edward Herrmann died at 71 after battling brain cancer. The show can't just pick up where it left off and continue the story, because there would be no Richard Gilmore. However, I guess Richard's death could be featured without ever showing Herrmann. That said, Richard's death and/or funeral could also be part of the time jump. Whatever the case, here's hoping Richard does get a proper sendoff, like he very much deserves.

2. They've All Aged

Can there really be no time jump, when it's clear that most of the cast looks like they've aged eight years? Yeah, that would just be strange and wouldn't add up.

3. It'd Be More Interesting

Fans totally want to see where everyone is today. Did Luke and Lorelai get married and start a family? Does Rory have some powerful journalism or political job? Is Luke still running the diner? Is Emily still firing her maids? Let's face it, this would make for a more compelling and interesting revival.

4. All Those Stars Hollow Babies

I don't know about you, but I need to see Lane and Zack's twins and Sookie and Jackson's kids all grown up. Plus, who else wants to see them parenting older children? *raises hand* Oh, and if this means Lane, Zack, and their twins have a family band, that would be the best thing ever.

5. There Are Perfect Amount Of Episodes

Seeing as there will reportedly be four 90-minute episodes, these make the perfect mini-movies to rehash and recap what's happened in the past eight years, in addition to focusing on the present.

6. It Makes Sense

It's really the only thing that makes sense, especially since so much times has passed since the series finale. Who's with me?

Whatever the case, I'm happy to know that there is a chance Gilmore Girls might be back in my life — and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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