Honoring Drake's Best Dance Moves

Say what you want about Drake, but it cannot be denied that the rapper has mastered dancing like no one's watching. If Drake's music video for "Hotline Bling" is any indication, it is clear that the 6 Man does not mind busting out some ridiculous dance moves from time to time. In fact, those dance moves make up about 90 percent of the video. In honor of his... prowess, it's now necessary to recall, in no particular order, some of Drake's best dance moves thus far.

Drake fans have seen him break out a little dance move here and there in his other music videos and concert performances. Fans have also seen him dance a little bit when he is just goofing off, like the fun-loving guy that he is. But what about all of his best moves rounded up in one place? The music video is a fantastic start, but it's far from a complete collection of all Drake can do.

No Drake dance moves collection would be complete without his victory dances from "Started From the Bottom." Something would be missing without his classic "in the zone" moves while performing onstage. And of course, the set would be empty if it didn't include a video of Drake dancing at his bar mitzvah (yes, it exists!). So without further ado, take a look back at some of Drake's best dance moves over the years.

"Hotline Bling"

Warm up with Drake's newest moves that he so graciously unveiled to the world on Oct. 19.

Let his version of air guitar give yours inspiration.

Mimicking the moves of an dramatic phone call? Just watch, it'll be a new dance trend before you know it.

And when all else fails, Drake knows slo-mo is the way to go.

Other Music Videos

Drake took "here" to a new level when he rapped, "Started from the bottom now we're here."

"Here" meaning his graduation to more fearless dance moves, that is.

His style in this video here says "formal," but his moves say, "here to party."

And who could forget the moves he brought us in the "Energy" music video? Maybe that was a preview for what was to come in "Hotline Bling"...

Onstage Performances

You guys, Drake, gets really in the zone when he dances during his live performances.

Sometimes he gets so into it that his microphone doubles as a dancing prop.

He doesn't let anyone interfere with his vibe, even if they're not dancing along with him.

Good thing, too, because it obviously pays off.


Yes, it's true. Drake even had moves back when he was Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi. Thank goodness we have video evidence.

You were promised it. The bar mitzvah dance now seen and appreciated around the world.

Obviously, Drake has been getting down like no one is watching for a long time now. It just goes to show that practice makes perfect—even with silly dance moves!

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