‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Will Reportedly Be 4 Episodes, Which Gives Amy Sherman-Palladino Amazing Storytelling Opportunities

By now, you've heard the good word. After eight years of being off the air, Netflix is reportedly creating a Gilmore Girls revival, according to TVLine. Sound the alarms, because this is HUGE. I still feel like I haven't left Stars Hollow, mentally, so this is probably the biggest news I'll ever receive this decade. Although the official statements from both Warner Bros. and Netflix has been, "We are not commenting," TVLine also reports that the Gilmore Girls revival will be four 90-minute episodes. Which might make you think about how the revival will be structured with four mini-movies essentially.

The idea that the Gilmore Girls revival could be constructed to fit into four longer episodes is actually pretty exciting because it already sounds like the Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino penned series has a direct focus. Instead of coming back with too big of plans — five more seasons, a movie, a spin-off! — the idea that the series will be a limited-series is probably for the best. Those of us who live, breath, and love Gilmore Girls want this revival to do good for the seven season series, not tarnish its name (although, with AS-P at the helm, that would never happen). TVLine's Michael Ausiello also told the Gilmore Guys podcast that Amy will likely write two of the episodes, and Daniel the other two, with both Palladinos directing the revival.

So how should the Gilmore Girls revival structure the four-episode limited-series? Here are some ideas that could do the series justice.

One Episode For Each Gilmore Girl Plus A Finale

Think Arrested Development Season 4, but more condensed. After such a long time off the air, there is a lot to catch up on for each character. With three "Gilmore Girls," the show could do one episode dedicated to Emily, one to Lorelai, and one to Rory, with a final episode as a round-up of the entire family. This way, each character gets the attention they deserve for a solid 90 minutes, exploring what they've been up to for the last eight years. Who did they end up with? Where have they been? The supporting characters would be featured in throughout, and everything would be brought together in the end.

One Episode For Each "Final Four Word"

Want to lose hours of your day? Just ask a fan of Gilmore Girls what the "final four words" Gilmore Girls would have been if Amy Sherman-Palladino was still in charge, and prepare yourself. Sherman-Palladino, who left the series before Season 7, has teased fans for years about the "final four words" that she would have ended the series with. What if each episode is dedicated to each of those words? Finally answering the mystery that seemed like it was never going to be solved.

One Episode For Every Two Years

I admit this would feel rushed, since 90 minutes is not a lot of time to cram two years of character development in, but it would allow the limited-series to feel well-rounded. If each episode is divided into 2008-2009, 2010-2011, 2012-2013, and 2014-2015, we'd get to know everything that happened to our favorite people, ever.

Now, we just need to get a in-writing (maybe blood, IDK) confirmation that this series is happening, and I can start writing everyone's life stories for the past eight years and send them to Sherman-Palladino, in case she gets writer's block.

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