When Will 'Frozen' Be On Netflix? Disney Is Still Holding Out, But These Videos Will Keep Your Heart From Freezing

It's been almost two years since Frozen was released in theaters, and almost one since it was released on DVD. With a Frozen sequel already in the works at Disney and Frozen mania finally starting to die down, you would think that the movie would soon be available to stream on Netflix Instant Watch. But, the answer to the question "When will Frozen be on Netflix?" remains as elusive as ever. Unless you live in Australia, where Netflix streaming just launched with Frozen and other Disney classics, the blockbuster film likely won't be coming to Netflix anytime soon.

Even though Frozen isn't yet available on Netflix, it is still very easy to find through other channels. Elsa, Olaf and Anna can be yours to stream online via rental on iTunes or Amazon Video — and Disney is not so cruel that it would remove all clips and music videos of Frozen from the internet. Still, as any fan knows, it's tough to watch Elsa sing "Let It Go" without wanting to see the entire movie. Luckily, the Internet has come to the rescue, providing fans with plenty of Frozen-inspired videos to watch while we wait for it to one day arrive on Netflix. Whether it's covers, parodies, baking or hair tutorials, here are a few Frozen videos to keep your icy, cold heart from freezing.

Live Action Frozen

Funny Or Die on YouTube

This Funny or Die skit featuring The Duff's Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne imagines the hell an actress would have to go through to play Queen Elsa in a live action feature film. Besides the obvious hilarity, this video is a must watch because it combines two of life's greatest pleasures: Frozen and Mae Whitman.

"Love Is An Open Door" — In Real Life

Working with Lemons on YouTube

This Frozen cover from YouTube channel Working with Lemons is simply adorable. Re-working the iconic romantic duet "Love Is An Open Door" with a mini Anna and mini Hans makes the cute song absolutely irresistible. Sure, the vocals might leave something to be desired, but did I mention it was Frozen with kids?

How Frozen Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended on YouTube

This Frozen parody from YouTube's How It Should Have Ended is amazing, mostly because it points out the obvious: Elsa and Anna's parents were horrible and completely clueless. Why did they lock her up alone with her powers? Why did they totally ignore the trolls' warnings? So. Many. Questions.

Frozen Holiday Wish Castle Lighting at Disney World

Inside the Magic on YouTube

In 2014, Disney World premiered a new holiday show featuring Frozen's Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff. Live action Disney shows are always fun to watch, and of course, they're better in person, but this video comes pretty close to the real thing. Plus, you can hear kids laughing at Olaf's jokes in the background. Priceless.

Frozen Princess Cake Tutorial

Rosanna Pansino on YouTube

Planning a birthday party? Or, perhaps, a princess party? This princess cake tutorial from Rosanna Pansino is fun to watch, especially for you cooking show lovers out there. Full disclosure: I'm no cook, so I have no idea how easy or hard this would be to make, but I do enjoy watching bakers bake. (Bonus: Rosanna Pansino also has a Frozen Ice Cream Treats video to round out your Frozen needs.)

Anna Half Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Kat Sketch on YouTube

This Frozen-themed makeup tutorial from Kat Sketch is perfect for Halloween. It takes a lot of skill, but, I think you'll agree, the end result is pretty amazing.

Josh Gad Singing "In Summer" Live

Dina Fayez on YouTube

It's kind of weird to see human Josh Gad singing with the voice of Olaf from Frozen in this video from a Frozen concert, but it's also awesome. Gad is just as funny and entertaining in person as he is in cartoon form, if only a little less cute.

Frozen may not be on Netflix, but it lives on in these videos forever. So, cuddle up and get ready to freeze (in spirit, I mean).

Image: Funny or Die