'Frozen's Anna Is Someone We Can All Relate To

I'll admit it: I've been a Disney addict since the wee age of five. I used to brush my hair with a fork simply because Ariel made it look oh-so-sophisticated in The Little Mermaid, I have a penchant for antique tea kettles because they remind me of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, and I used to start each morning with a medley from my A Goofy Movie soundtrack — those songs woke me up more than any amount of caffeine possibly could. I've been an avid fan of all the Disney heroines, but it wasn't until Disney's record-breaking hit Frozen graced movie theaters across the nation that I found a female protagonist I fully identified with: Princess Anna, the ginger-haired sister to Queen Elsa.

There are times when princesses and heroines are depicted as the absolute epitome of grace and perfection; their flawless beauty coupled with an unwavering poise always seem immune to even the most dire of circumstances. With all her strength and admirable attributes, Anna never seemed completely comfortable with the finesse that was expected to be second-nature to those growing up as royalty. She suffered from bedhead, became a fit of giggles and anxiety around boys she liked, and was admittedly awkward during an array of social situations. Anna's various idiosyncrasies only added to the likability of the character, no doubt contributing to Frozen's massive appeal. Let's take a look at the ways Anna became one of our favorite and most relatable Disney characters.

She Suffers From Bedhead

As one with a coif that is both naturally red and curly, the majority of my mornings involve a wrestling match with my straightener to calm the calamity.

She Loves Her Snacks

Anna isn't the only one who spends many an hour wanting to "stuff some chocolate" in her face.

She Becomes SUPER Awkward Around Romantic Interests

When Anna first meets Hans, she utters the words, "This is awkward. Not you're awkward, but just 'cause we're — I'm awkward. You're gorgeous. Wait, what?" Welcome to every interaction I've ever had with a cute guy ever.

She Has a Tendency to Rush into Things

I can't deny it: I've had a tendency to rush into relationships in the past. Luckily for Anna, she had a sister who was quick to point out the detriments that can come from getting engaged to someone you've known for only one third of a movie.

She Gets Overly Excited

To circle back to what was mentioned previously about chocolate, black forest cake has the tendency to lead me into quite the fervor.

She Likes to Get Out of The House

While poor Elsa was banished to her sleeping quarters for pretty much her entire childhood and early adult life, Anna was going stir crazy even though she had an entire mansion to herself. You can't blame the girl — we all need some fresh air from time to time.

She's Not the Best Dancer

There are several times I envision myself looking like someone performing on Dancing With The Stars. In reality, I'm prone to falling over my own feet during wedding receptions when everyone breaks into the "Cupid Shuffle."

Along with all her relatable attributes, the relationship Frozen characterized between Anna and her sister was one that many sisters can identify with. Coincidently, my older sister is quite the magical blonde, similar to Elsa. No, she never conjured any spells to bring a snowman to life or turned the court we grew up on into our own personal iceskating rink, but she's definitely a person to be proud of, and has been prone to melting more than a few hearts.

Image: Disney