The One Thing To Do If You're Running Late

We've all been there. Your alarm went off and instead of hitting snooze, you turned it off. Fast forward to forty-five minutes later and you're about to be late for work or class. So how do you look put together? Mascara is the one thing to do in the morning if you have no time because it's one heck of a powerful tool that can make you look awake and like you're totally put together with barely any effort. While deodorant application and a brush through your hair should take precedent, don't forget how great makeup can be for a lady on the go.

Thankfully, there are tons of incredible hacks for getting ready in the mornings if you're not someone who likes to rise with sun — and let's be honest, not many people are. Whether it's multitasking products or ways to actually transform yourself into that early bird. No matter if you've overslept or just chose to take a bit of a morning nap — before actually getting out of bed — you can make it work for you. There are even great fashion tips that make throwing on clothes a stylish look, but most of the people you interact with are going to notice your face right off the bat, and the best feature to emphasize in order to appear as though you've been up for hours? Your eyes!

Mascara is a god send for the girl who overslept. This miracle product will your eyes appear wide, and thus, you'll appear more awake even if you only woke up ten minutes again. Color, lengthening ability, and thickness all play a role in mascara application, and you're going to be looking for the biggest pay off with only a single coat because if you're running late, you're not going to have time for four applications. So what products are going to give you the biggest pay off for the least amount of time? I've got some answers for you.

Benefit They're Real, $24.00, Ulta

Benefit's They're Real mascara will seriously plump up your lashes. It's perfect for a one application out the door and go look. Not only does it volumize your lashes but it will also curl, eliminating the need for a lash curler.

Maybelline The Falsies Volume, $4.99-$5.99, Target

This is easily one of my favorite drug store finds. It's incredible thickening, and it's got incredible color pay off.

Urban Decay Perversion, $22.00, Sephora

I can't rave enough about the color pay off with this mascara. The super creamy formal is highly pigmented. One swipe, and you'll have the darkest lashes with the least amount of time.

While I wouldn't recommend oversleeping too much tomorrow, just remember that you've now got one of the tricks to rushing out the door and still looking put together.

Images: Elizabeth Lies/Unsplash; Courtesy of brands