Last Minute Hillary Clinton Halloween Costume Ideas For Those Too Busy Checking Email — PHOTOS

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 19: New York senatorial candidates Hillary Clinton (L) and Rick Lazio (R) stand near each other in the congregation at St. Patrick's Cathedral during the Mass of Installation of Archbishop Edward Michael Egan 19 June 2000 in New York City. Egan was installed as the head of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, replacing John Cardinal O'Connor who died in May. (Photo credit should read DAVE POKRESS/AFP/Getty Images)
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Even though October should basically be renamed Halloween Month, the big night can sneak up on you while you're unprepared. If you wanted to do a topical costume, like dressing up as Hillary Clinton, but got caught up in work, school, or just life in general, this is the guide for you. Thankfully, Hillary's simple style and classic elegance means that a Clinton costume isn't difficult, so you're in luck!

Even better news? Many of Clinton's signature looks have the added benefit of doubling as professional clothes, so you don't have to feel too bad about spending a little extra on separates, since you'll almost definitely reuse them. So if you've found yourself with days to go before Halloween and you're keen to go as Clinton in one of her many incarnations — we're talking about a woman who's been a senator, a First Lady, a Secretary of State, and most recently a candidate for president, after all — then fear not. This might be the most useful costume you'll ever invest in. Let's face it: A Burger King black bun and poop couples' costume will be tough to reuse. Though you'll definitely get points for trying.

Classic Young Hillary

This iconic picture from Billary's law school days circa 1970 features an outfit that's surprisingly in vogue today. 

Start with this blue crop top from Forever 21, a nearly perfect match to Hillary's vintage top ...

Although you might want to check out your local thrift store — there's a good chance you'll find an even better match for Hillary's top. 

Next, you can pick up these cream high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters. 

You can buy these glasses from Forever 21 to round out the look, but they are magnified reading glasses, so you'll need to pop out the lenses so you don't strain your eyes all night. Or if you don't feel like ruining brand-new glasses, you can check your favorite thrift store and probably find a pair that are even more authentic. 

If you've got a Bill to couple with you, get these blue shortsa plain white shirt, and a volleyball from Walmart.

Email Hillary

Perhaps Hillary's most iconic picture ever, the costume is surprisingly easy to pull off in a hurry.

You can get a black jacket and black crop top from Forever 21. Hillary definitely wasn't wearing a crop top, but it's ok to take artistic liberties on Halloween. 

Buy some construction paper to make the brooch, give your phone a blue cover, and you're ready to go. The best part: You get to keep your sunglasses on all night to block out the haters. 

Scrunchie Hillary 

Among other things, Hills singlehandedly brought back the scrunchie. You can mirror this whole look in a quick trip to Forever 21. 

Start with a black-and-white patterned shirt — an exact replica of Hillary's shirt isn't necessary, so really, any black-and-white pattern you find in the store will work just fine. 

Your next step is the blazer. Its versatility means that you can spend a little extra, because you'll definitely be able to reuse it for professional events. 

Don't forget the pearl statement necklace. Forever 21 actually has an uncanny match for Clinton's. 

But the item that really pulls the whole look together is the all-important scrunchie

Saturday Night Live Hillary

Beautifully simple, hilariously relevant. Just get this pink button-down from JCPenney, and supplement your costume with any pants and shoes you want. 

If you have a Kate McKinnon by your side, you can also buy this blue blazer in the same trip. 

A quick trip to the mall will totally solve your last-minute costume problem, and you'll end up with a reusable, on-point getup that will look like it took weeks to put together. Now you have the perfect excuse to talk politics at a Halloween party and be the outspoken feminist you were born to be. 

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