'Below Deck' Starts To Heat Up... Literally

by Laura Rosenfeld

Things are heating up on Season 3 of Below Deck , and no, I'm not talking about Eddie and Rocky's constant hook-up seshes in the laundry room. A fire broke out in the kitchen of the Eros during Tuesday night's episode. The fallout of this event is so big, it couldn't be contained in one episode.

Ah, to be a Below Deck crewmember. While your charter guests are tipsy and full with birthday cake, you still have to work into the wee hours of the night/morning. After a successful birthday celebration for this week's charter guest, he quickly got the munchies, as these passengers tend to do. All the charter guest wanted to do was pop in a Chuck Norris movie and eat some pizza and popcorn.

The Below Deck crew is usually happy to cater to every whim of the charter guests, and they were during Tuesday night's episode as well. Except for Leon, who is for some reason perpetually cranky. But the chef seemed to be nowhere to be found, which helped alleviate some of the tension that had been building up between him and Kate during the entire charter.

That left Rocky and Kate in charge of preparing the food for the guests. Now you would think that any normal adult would be able to successfully nuke some popcorn and bake a pizza in the oven, right? Well, that turned out to not be the case during Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck. First, Kate apparently put the popcorn in the microwave for too long, and it burned and filled the kitchen with smoke. Then, the pizza caught on fire and caused even more smoke to fill the kitchen. As someone who believes the hardest part of cooking is figuring out what type of takeout to order online, I have to admit that I empathize with your plight, ladies.

Unfortunately, this episode of Below Deck left us on a cliffhanger about the crew's fate. The last we saw was Kate and Rocky frantically looking for a fire extinguisher and the fire alarm blaring throughout the ship. However, judging by the fact that all of the crew and the ship appear relatively unscathed in the teaser for next week's episode, I'd say everything is going to turn out just fine.

For some people, at least. The teaser also showed that Leon is going to have to meet with the captain about the incident. Since Rocky had said Kate had put the popcorn and pizza in the microwave and oven, respectively, then it would that Kate was responsible for the accident. Leon is going to make sure Captain Lee agrees with that, possibly even going so far as to suggest Kate was drinking while on duty, which is a major no-no on the Eros. However, Leon is in charge of the kitchen, and the fact that he was nowhere to be found when all of this went down isn't going to look good. Here's hoping Captain Lee sees it that way as well.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo