Unlikely Alliances Are Formed On 'Scream Queens'

In the Oct. 20 episode of Scream Queens, Zayday and Chanel were named co-presidents of Kappa Kappa Tau after the vote ended in a tie. Chanel predictably threw an epic temper tantrum, complete with a complaint that people didn't vote for her because they're intimidated by her hotness, and an acknowledgement that she just didn't have time to bribe everyone individually (since, you know, there's a serial killer targeting the sorority). But, surprise! It was all an act, and Chanel's actually not upset about this turn of events. She's learned from watching A&E documentaries about the mafia that you don't want to be the boss during a time of crisis, so it's all OK with her. Her logic makes perfect sense, but I didn't expect Zayday and Chanel to form an alliance of sorts by the end of the episode — and it's definitely going to keep things interesting.

After the Red Devil killed Roger with a nail gun, he or she escaped through the Kappa House's tunnel system. Zayday immediately declared that she would head down the tunnel in an effort to catch up with the killer — which wasn't a huge surprise, because we all know she's pretty fearless. It was considerably more surprising when Chanel opted to join her, since they are, after all, co-presidents now. (Chad stayed behind because there are probably cobwebs in tunnels, and he just doesn't really dig cobwebs.)

When Zayday came face to face with the Red Devil in the tunnel, I got seriously worried. I mean, three people were already killed off in one evening — would she be next? It definitely looked like it was curtains for Zayday, but Chanel risked her life to come back for her co-prez and save her. Naturally, Chanel shrugged off Zayday's "thank you" and claimed her reasons were purely selfish, but I'm not entirely buying that.

In fact, I think this could be the beginning of a wonderful co-presidency. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a friendship just yet, but you never know. These two share a common goal, and they're both considerably brave and savvy. Plus, I think there's more to Chanel than meets the eye — and maybe having a co-leader will allow her to open up to someone and let her emotional guard down a bit. Perhaps Zayday is the key to breaking Chanel's facade. Plus, what better way to bond with someone than by saving them from an axe-wielding killer?

But, they're not the only Kappa Sisters who formed an alliance during this blood-soaked slumber party. Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 made a pact: they both fully intend to outlive Chanel at all costs. Although they're looking less likely as Red Devil suspects after "Seven Minutes In Hell," I certainly wouldn't write either of these Chanels off as harmless. They have serious anger and resentment towards Chanel, and they're both, uh, a little unhinged. Plus, as Chad insightfully pointed out to Chanel #3, "if you're not the killer, you should give it a shot because you'd be good at it."

Chanel may have two very angry minions who have completely turned against her, but having Zayday on her side makes me a little less worried for her safety. Is a major showdown between these two pairings in the near future? I wouldn't be surprised — and that could be even more gruesome than anything the Red Devil has done.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX