Lena Dunham & Shia LaBeouf's Twitter Fight Is Amusing but Also Kind of Disappointing

Ah, Saturdays. Such a great day for lounging in pajamas, ignoring calls from your mom, and getting into fights on Twitter. A Girls star evidently agrees: Lena Dunham slammed Shia LaBeouf on Twitter and it's equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy. On the one hand, we love when Dunham speaks her mind (especially when it comes to the douche du jour) but on the other, cut it out, you two! Twitter wars are sooooo 2013.

It all started back on June 11, 1986, when Shia LaBeouf was born, and it escalated when the child actor turned young adult headline-maker plagiarized author Daniel Clowes' work for the benefit of his own short film, HowardCantour.com. When it was discovered that he ripped off Clowes, LaBeouf decided to apologize... by plagiarizing apologies. The 27-year-old took to Twitter and feigned remorse using well-known apologies already issued by the likes of Tiger Woods, Robert McNamara, and Kanye West.

After that, things quieted down for a bit as we all sat and pondered whether or not LaBeouf was somehow just messing with us, and then, right after we'd all moved on, the plagiarizer wrote another apology to Clowes, this time, in the sky. And so it was: we, and apparently Dunham, had LaBeouf back on our minds.

So on Saturday, Dunham tweeted:

And then LaBeouf was all:

And Dunham was like:

And then LaBeouf was all:

And then we were like, hey, that sounds like Gucci Mane:

And then Leners was all:

As Dunham points out, it's 2014. Maybe we should leave the Twitter wars in 2013? Because honestly, there's nothing that will ever be able to top Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West's epic online battle. #NoDisrespecttoLenaDunham