13 'Hocus Pocus' Inspired Fashion Items That The Sanderson Sisters Would Love

The countdown has begun to Halloween, so to help the days go faster, why not watch the best Halloween movie of all, Hocus Pocus, to get you in the mood? My favorite movie not only because the Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters' fashion sense was so on point, Hocus Pocus is an iconic '90s adventure movie with a spooky twist and it seems many millennials have a soft spot for this magical movie.

The Sanderson sisters were witches resurrected by a trio of youths on All Hallow's Eve and their sole purpose in life was to steal children's souls in order to regain their youth. Although their outfits weren't necessarily historically correct — Winifred is seen wearing stripy tights in the 1600s — they still looked enchanting. Winifred wore green most likely to symbolize her envy towards her victims' youth and her jealousy aimed at her zombie ex lover whom cheated on her with her sister Sarah. Mary wears red, which in her case could mean danger; she often acts like a vicious dog and she likes to eat children. The youngest Sanderson sister is Sarah who is seen in purple which is often associated with mystery and magic; this makes sense as she holds the seemingly unique power to hypnotize and lure children to her.

If you're an aspiring Sanderson sister, here are some bewitching clothes and accessories they would have loved, so you too can put a spell upon everyone you meet.

1. The Corset Choker

As the Sanderson sisters were over 300 years old, their style was rather old fashioned, so I'm sure they would have loved this regal, corset style choker.

Regal Rose Gloria Velvet Corset Tie Halloween Choker Necklace, $61, asos.com

2. The Hocus Pocus Necklace

If you want to make your adoration of this classic '90s movie known, spell it out to everyone with this quirky necklace.

Hocus Pocus Necklace, $17.38, etsy.com

3. The Catchphrase Sweater

I'm sure Max, the unbelieving resurrector of the Sanderson sisters and proclaimer of this well known quote, believes in hocus pocus now! This spooky sweater is available in sizes S to 2XL.

It's Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus Sweatshirt, $39+, etsy.com

4. The Green Velvet Dress

Now here's a dress that eldest sister Winifred would approve of; it's in her signature green shade, made of vampy velvet, and it has spidery style fringing.

Alice & You Halloween Velvet Mini Shift Dress With Fringed Detail, $55, asos.com

5. The Spellbook Locket

Winifred adored her spellbook like a pet. It appeared that it loved her too as it would respond to her calls and fly towards her. Keep your spellbook close to your heart and don't let any meddling kids get their hands on it with this creepy cute locket.

Hocus Pocus - The Sanderson Sister's Spellbook Locket, $90, etsy.com

6. The Sultry Sheer Cape

Let's admit what we're all thinking: Sarah Jessica Parker made an insanely hot witch. Yeah she played up to the dumb blonde stereotype but you have to admit she was a saucy sorceress. This sheer piece would be wonderful for fans of SJP in Hocus Pocus.

The Sheer Priestess, $80, blackmilkclothing.com

7. The Billy Butcherson Cameo

Winifred became so enraged with envy when she found out that her lover Billy Butcherson had cheated on her with her own sister that she poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut. I think someone had some major anger management issues. This necklace would suit either Winifred or Sarah due to their love trysts with Mr. Butcherson, but if I were Sarah, I'd definitely keep it out of sight.

Billy Butcherson / Hocus Pocus Inspired Bow Cameo Necklace, $7.89, etsy.com

8. The Lace-Up Dress

This hanky hem, velvet dress with a lace-up front would be a great addition to the costume of anyone wanting to channel the Sanderson sisters this year.

Halloween Velvet Hanky Hem Dress, $58.50, torrid.com

9. The "Come, We Fly!" T-Shirt

This comedic tee makes a joke of poor Mary who had no other choice but to fly astride a vacuum cleaner due to the lack of brooms in the museum which was once the Sanderson sisters' home. This style is available in sizes S to 2XL.

Come We Fly Brooms And Vacuum T-Shirt, $19.99+, etsy.com

10. The Sanderson Sisters Earrings

Wear your favorite witchy sister on your lovely lobes to show the world which witch is your idol.

Hocus Pocus 3 Pair Handmade Earrings, $14.15+, etsy.com

11. The Binx Inspired Tights

Poor old Thackery Binx; he tried to save his sister from the clutches of a trio of evil witches, failed, and got transformed into a black cat for over 200 years. So let's pay homage to this brave hero with a pair of catty tights which I'm sure Danny would have loved.

Lovesick Cat Garter Tights, $12.50, hottopic.com

12. The Devil Worshipper Shoes

The devil gifted the magical and eerie spellbook to Winifred and when the Sanderson sisters encounter a man dressed as Satan for Halloween, they mistake him for the real deal and refer to him as "Master." Thus, the bewitching broads would loved these shoes.

Iron Fist Soul Stealer Flat, $41.99, heels.com

13. The Delectable Spider Ring

It appears sister Sarah has a bit of a thing for spiders – in one memorable scene she is seen eating one. Although she wouldn't want to devour this one, I'm sure she'd equally enjoy wearing this, "Pretty spider."

Spider Gemstone Costume Ring, $10.15, torrid.com

Salute this legendary coven of spooky sisters this Halloween with fashion and accessories which the Sanderson sisters would kill for!

Images: Courtesy Brands