What Guys Really Think When Women Ask Them To Use Condoms — VIDEO

Many of us have been told many different variations of the phrase, “No glove, no love” since we were prepubescents learning all about safe sex for the first time in sex ed. While wearing condoms during sex may not be everyone’s favorite form of birth control, condoms are cheap, easily available, and when used correctly, they prevent pregnancies and reduce the risk of transmission of STDs.

Still, some men will give you a number of excuses as to why they won’t wrap it up, from condoms making them lose their erections (which is not true) to "it just feels better without them." Whatever someone's “condomophobia,” may be, you should never be afraid to stand your ground about practicing safe sex with a partner.

And, as a newly released video by Durex, found that actually men don’t have a single bad thing to say about women who insist on using condoms. In fact, many of them thought it showed independence, trustworthiness, and confidence.

Keep in mind, this was made by a condom brand, so I would think these guys are generally pro-condom usage to begin with. But still, I think it's true that taking control of your sexual health shows positive qualities in someone.

Durex UK on YouTube

Spokesman Mark Pearson from Durex said in a press release:

Young women told us that while they knew that they should insist on a condom every time, the reality is often when the moment comes, a condom isn’t used for any number of reasons. One common reason we heard was that they worried that if they insisted on a condom they’d kill the mood or put the guy off. This fear of rejection or killing the mood is a key barrier for many young women but we found out that this most often isn’t the case at all. In fact the opposite is true.

One woman noted that she didn’t want to bring up talk of condoms because she didn’t want a guy to think she wasn’t “cool.” Another was scared to "offend" the man. But who cares? He thought you were cool enough to have sex with you before things escalated, so that shouldn’t change just because you’re concerned about your own health. If anything, that should actually make you seem a lot more attractive.

There is no reason why someone shouldn't put one on if you insist on it. If they don't, then they're most likely not worth it.

Here’s what men really think when women ask them to wear a condom:

1. "I think it shows confidence. For me, it’s attractive."

2. "I think that shows a girl that is confident, who knows what she wants. That’s good."

3. "If she brings out the condoms, then she’s into this as much as I am."

4. "If the girl asks for a condom, that’s plus 10."

5. "She knows she’s got a condom, so she keeps herself protected, which makes me feel she’s good. She’s independent."

6. "I think where there's more trust, there's better sex."

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