What The Levitating Businessman Emoji Means

by Dasha Fayvinova

If you've gotten some weird texts today and find yourself wondering what the "levitating man in business suit emoji" means, you're far from alone. In fact, the new iOS 9.1 update on your iPhones has given birth to a slew of new emoji. People are rejoicing over the ability to send each other unicorns and tacos. (I'm currently favoring the robot, although nothing can really replace my Poop + Fire combo.) But the man of the hour right now has got to be the Man In Business Suit Levitating emoji. He's mysterious, handsome and is floating in space like a little David Blaine that can fit in our pockets. What more can we possibly hope to get in the near future? What more can you ask for, Internet?!

As I finally get up from the floor after yelling that last line into the sky, I cannot help but assume that it is my job as an internet curator of sorts to give you some sense in the web jungle. I took the time and researched all about the mysterious emoji and I have got some results. I want to put emphasis on the world "some" because my results are not the end-all-be-all of results. Kind of like gum commercials that say "4 out of 5 dentists approve," I am giving you information that might be total B.S., so it's your job to do your own research too.

What I did for research was randomly text people in my contacts and included the Man In Business Suit Levitating. I ran into a few bumps, but ultimately it seems like this emoji can be used for almost anything. Here are some of my results.

1. Using It With A Close Friend

Your close friends will get it. They will also understand the concept of you exploiting their texts on the internet. On a side note: you guys saw the "Hotline Bling" video right?

2. Using It To Define Your Mood

I really didn't know if I was feeling more one than the other. Luckily my friend understood. It looks like Man In Business Suit Levitating may mean grumpy! This is what I call a breakthrough, people.

3. Using It To Clear Things Up

Your friends can sometimes be going through something. This emoji is the perfect in to finally ask them what's up.

4. Using It To Bond Over Memories

Mostly I just wanted to talk to someone about my amazing time at an alt-J concert last week. Turns out some people may mistake Levitating Man for Mario. While hard to believe, anything is possible.

5. Using It For Halloween

Figuring out travel plans on Halloween is crucial, especially if you are trying to get around L.A. Turns out Man In Business Suit Levitating can totally help you out. (HEAD'S UP: the mysterious is box is the icon that appears when your friend sees your emoji but hasn't updated their phone yet.)

You can also use Man In Business Suit Levitating for the following and possibly most important thing:

6. Use It To Show Your Tarantino Appreciation

There you go! This emoji is universal. I suggest using it ASAP. HMU on Twitter with pictures of your weird usage of this emoji. (I kinda just want to see what you and your friends are talking about...)

Images: Dasha Fayvinova (5) Giphy (1), Emojipedia (1)