'Teresa Checks In' Sets Up 'RHONJ' Season 7 Plot

It has been three long, emotional, and educational episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, and now, I'm more ready than ever for RHONJ Season 7 to return. Teresa Checks In was rather eye-opening. We learned a lot about the workings of the Giudice family, how Joe is handling being a single father, and how Teresa's four daughters are dealing with missing their mother. Teresa Checks In also set up RHONJ Season 7, because while it was interesting to see how the family is handling Teresa's absence, it will be even more interesting to see how things are when she returns to her home and her family.

The premiere of Season 7 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is still to be determined. But, if I know Bravo — and after an eight year obsession with the network, I think I can confidently say I do know Bravo — filming for Season 7 will pick up shortly before or after Teresa returns from prison. E! Online reports filming could begin "as early as mid-November," just in time for the holidays. While it will surely be a crazy time for the Giudice family, there's no denying it would make great television, and give fans of the series a peak into the life of Teresa Giudice post-sentence.

So when Season 7 picks back up again, what would we like to see based on the Teresa Checks In special?

1. The Relationship Between Melissa & Teresa

To say that Melissa and Teresa have had a strained relationship would be an understatement. I was shocked to learn that Melissa hasn't visited Teresa at all, and I can't believe that will be something Teresa will let go easily.

2. Time With The Entire Giudice Family

Even though the holidays are sure to be a crazy time for the Giudice family, I'd love it if we could see clips of the entire family back together. Joe Giudice leaves for his sentence shortly after Teresa comes home, so I'm hoping Bravo highlights some of that time together.

3. Hearing About Teresa's Time In Prison

We learned during the special that Teresa's fame has affected her time in prison. While I'm sure we'll have to wait until Teresa releases her tell-all book to hear all of the stories, I'm hopeful that Teresa will open up about her time on Season 7.

4. Would Teresa Move The Family To Italy?

If Teresa's husband, Joe, is deported because of his conviction, we'll all be sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out what that means for the rest of the Giudice family. I can't imagine a country where Teresa Giudice is not a resident, but life happens.

5. The Other Housewives Coming To Teresa's Aid

How will the other housewives react to Teresa's release? We know that Dina Manzo has stayed present in the Giudice children's lives since Teresa went away, but the other Real Housewives haven't been so active in helping out. Maybe that will change once Teresa is back home.

6. Teresa As Supermom

Say what you want about Teresa and Joe's legal issues, but there's no doubt that Teresa loves (loves, loves) her daughters so much. When she returns home, I'm hoping we'll see Teresa as Supermom and be able to handle being a single mother when Joe is away serving his sentence. (The woman basically threw a graduation party from prison, she can do anything.)

7. A Gia Talk Show

This is just a small suggestion during the commercial breaks for Bravo to consider. It is obvious that Gia has matured an incredible amount due to what her family is going through, and I think it's time she starts benefitting off of that. Whether she's dealing out sage advice to her sisters, or just dishing about the other housewives, we need more Gia in RHONJ Season 7.

Season 7 is still a ways away, but if Teresa Checks In was any indication, Season 7 is going to be great.

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