What Is Shalom's Net Worth? 'DASH Dolls' Star Durrani's Boyfriend Must Have A High-Paying Job

Everyone's new favorite star of DASH Dolls, Durrani Popal, captured everyone's attention when Kim Kardashian basically crowned her queen of the dollhouse. What really got people to fall in love with her, though, was her absolutely adorable relationship with her boyfriend Shalom. People really begin to take notice during an episode of DASH Dolls when Shalom gifted her a brand-new pink Bentley for her birthday, like it was just a new pair shoes. Immediately, inquiring minds had to know – what is Shalom's net worth? After all, a brand-new Bentley is definitely sitting high up on the luxury scale. That sweet little birthday gift had to have run Shalom upwards of $150,000.

Well from the looks of it, Shalom probably has a good job that keeps him rolling in copious amounts of cash. Unfortunately the guy is a complete mystery. Everything that I can find about him is under his first name, like Madonna. He rocks the uni-name. A search of his Instagram also reveals very little clues as to what his (very lucrative) profession might be. I do know that he drives unbelievably expensive sports cars, goes on ultra extravagant vacations, and spoils his lady love as much as he can. Basically, he's giving me a whole new set of life goals.

But, since I can't determine his profession to properly estimate his net worth, I thought it would be fun to wildly speculate on what I think his profession might be and thus determine an estimated net worth based on that. This is clearly highly scientific.

1. James Bond-Style Secret Agent


Now, I am now exactly sure what this pays, but James Bond always makes it look like it brings in the dough. Maybe Shalom is an international secret agent. He has the cars, the gorgeous lady on his arm, and the mystery. I think this is a really valid possibility.

2. Tech Genius


Generally, big ol' brains bring big ol' hunks of cash. The world needs more brilliant minds to be showered in money. Maybe Shalom invented the Internet. Who are we do assume that he didn't? I would say that brings his net worth to like... a billion, approximately.

3. Jean-Ralphio's More Successful Younger Brother

I mean, it's a possibility. He grew up listening to his older brother's aspirations and crazy business ventures and just took the best from all of it (I'm sure there was some good ideas in there somewhere...). Now he's living Jean-Ralphio's best life. This definitely would bring his net worth into the trillions.

4. He Invented Post-Its

Someone did. It wasn't Romy and Michele, we know that much. I could Google it and put this one to rest but I prefer to think that Shalom stepped into a time machine and invented them and is now reaping the benefits of it. Is there even a net worth for inventing Post-Its? I will just place it at "infinity."

Or, he could have family money, I suppose. Either way, I wish I was living his life.

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