Kylie's Closet Vs. The Average Woman's Closet

Honestly, it shouldn't come as a big shock to anyone who knows who Kylie Jenner is that her closet — excuse me — both of her closets are absolutely packed full of incredible pieces. Kylie Jenner's closet versus an average woman's closet is just a hilariously — or depressingly — stark comparison. It reminds everyone of the absurd amount of wealth the eighteen year old, youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has amassed in such a short time. While people like to criticize Jenner and her sister Kendall for their lifestyles, much like what older sister Kim has said in the past, these girls grew up in a totally different world than the average teenager, and this closet tour just drives it home.

Over at, the youngest Jenner gives subscribers to her site sneak peeks into her seriously opulent mansion. I'd say that it's total #homegoals, but with a house that size I can't even imagine cleaning it. So far, members of Jenner's website have seen her living room, bedroom, kitchen, and now her closet. Basically, the whole place is a white and silver chic dream home. It's the closet though that has been the most anticipated. Jenner's style is one of the hottest topics in the cross hairs of entertainment and fashion. Whether she's channelling Kim or rocking her own unique looks, Kylie's clothes and accessories are spectacular in a "how much money is this all worth" kind of way.

Just how different is Kylie's closet from that of an average woman though? Let's investigate by comparison. Full disclosure: My closet is probably subpar to that of the average woman. Most of my disposable income goes to makeup, which makes this comparison even more eye-opening. But if Kylie gives a tour of her makeup collection, I'm fully prepared to throw down.

Kylie's Prized Shoes

According to Jenner, the "super old" Louboutins in her hand were gifted to her by Khloe for "[her] like 16th birthday or something, maybe 15th." While they're "not what's up anymore" according to Kylie. She won't be getting rid of them. My first thought upon seeing them was that those shoes probably cost more than my student loan payment each month — and it's a hefty sum.

My Prized Shoes

I got these Steve Madden floral pumps for my first big job interview after college. They definitely weren't practical, but they've got a special place in my heart — especially since I got the job. They were probably 1/8th the price of Kylie's Louboutins, but I would never trade them in.

Kylie's Bags

Kylie's mini bags seen here are not clutches for going out. Oh no — Kylie's bags were given to her when she was a child by mother Kris. That's right, Kylie's mini Louis and Prada bags were given to her as a child. I'm just trying to save money for a Kate Spade bag.

My Bags

This banged up, but sturdy L.L. Bean bag went to college with me. While I don't have a special purse that my mom gave me as a kid, I do have this monogrammed gem that I still use when I need to cart my computer around. It was given to me in 2008, and it's still in perfect condition. Plus, carrying it all through college gives it serious sentimental value to me.

Kylie's Door Sign

Kylie's "The Princess Sleeps Here" door sign may seem like a frivolous thing to include, but it's actually the most normal element of her closet. Plus, it's super cute that it belonged to Kourtney first.

My Door Sign

In a fun twist of events, I own this exact pillow. Maybe Kylie isn't so different from the average woman after all? Eh, no, totally different, but that just means I get to appreciate her insane closet all the more — even if I would like to use the contents to pay back my student loans.

Images: Kylie Jenner (3); Shea Simmons (3); Courtesy of brand