Ellie Goulding's New Song Is Very Romantic

"Goulddiggers" are getting spoiled: On Wednesday, Ellie Goulding premiered "Lost and Found," another new song from her upcoming album, Delirium (due out Nov. 6). The soaring, ultra-catchy tune finds the 28-year-old singer taking a break from her newfound dance-pop style ("On My Mind," "Something In the Way You Move") and returning to a folkier, more organic sound, which should definitely please fans of her debut LP, Lights. Though Goulding teamed up with famed mainstream pop producer Max Martin and his team to create many of Delirium's 22 tracks, she hasn't lost sight of where she came from. In fact, the romantic "Lost and Found" lyrics are classic Goulding, describing her desire to be "found" and wanted by that special someone.

In the song's first verse, Goulding sings about meeting a "cool" guy while visiting the countryside: "God, I love this field and the cherry sky / Under blossom clouds, though it's late July / You don't even try, still you look so cool / Like a cover boy when you light the moon." She's having such a great time that by the end of her trip, she doesn't want to leave: "Guess I need to run, take me to the bus / But don't let me go, no, don't let me on / Gotta hold me tight, won't put up a fight / Of course I'll stay, I'll stay the night."

On "Lost and Found's" anthemic chorus (which I suspect is going to be stuck in my head for quite some time), Goulding declares: "Is there anybody out there waiting for me on my way? / If that somebody is you, then, baby, I just wanna say / Tonight, nothing will bring us down / Tonight, we're at the lost and found."

Delirium has quickly become one of my most-anticipated releases of the fourth quarter. I can't wait to hear it next month! The album is available for pre-order on iTunes now.