17 Styles Lessons From Lisa Turtle

Even though Jimmy Fallon already reunited the cast of Saved By The Bell on The Tonight Show in Feb. 2015, rumors of revivals and reunions for this '90s sitcom favorite continue to persist. Perhaps it's because Fallon's reunion was missing one very important person: Lisa Turtle played by Lark Voorhies.

If you grew up a fashion-loving kid in the early '90s, Saturday mornings weren't about cartoons. They were about Saved By The Bell. While the show wasn't particularly focused on style, Lisa Turtle was the sartorial and beauty aficionado those of us who were into clothes gave our devotion to. While many of the series' other characters would go on to to study together at a fictional California University, Lisa ended up at the very real Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and I would like to pretend she's killing it in the fashion scene 20 plus years later.

While I really wish the writers would've developed that Zack Morris and Lisa Turtle relationship storyline, there's still plenty I love about Saved By The Bell. Each of the characters had their own sense of style: A.C. Slater rocked muscle tanks and acid wash jeans, Jessie Spano was very excited about vests, Kelly Kapowski loved crop tops, and Lisa Turtle, well, a few words won't cover her style influence, but a list of the lessons she taught us might do the trick.

1. Powersuits Are Golden

Lisa Turtle is the only high school student who wore suits to class on a regular basis, and I am here for the boldness. People always say "dress for the job you want," and I can't help but think her bold powersuits were perfect practice for her career in fashion.

2. Make Your Own Uniform

Crewneck tees can be so restricting and gym class uniforms are utterly blah. Leave it to Lisa Turtle to DIY a more stylish version. If you don't like something, remember you can fix it and make it your own.

3. Fringe Is Always A Good Choice

I'm not gonna lie: I would wear this exact outfit today. I love the color combination of red, black, and white in the first place, but add some fringe and polka dots and this look is fashion gold. If you aren't at the same level of appreciation for this throwback, just think about how many items this fall all featuring fringe, and tell me I'm wrong.

4. Accent Shoulders Are A Thing

I saw a lot of hate online for this dress. "What was she thinking?" trolls cried. Well, I get exactly what she was thinking: Powerful shoulder accents in bold neon colors paired with a sleek mini dress equals a perfect combination.

5. Food Is The Best Accessory

Truthfully, I don't remember the context of this outfit, but I don't care because this fruit necklace and matching earrings are cute as heck.

6. Wear A Romper & Block The Haters

Rompers and jumpsuits are making a huge comeback. This floral number paired with some shades is the ultimate "can't hear the haters" combo.

7. Opt For Statement Earrings And A Glare

Lisa wasn't afraid of telling you what was on her mind. In fact, it wasn't uncommon to catch her side-eyeing you while rocking a great pair of statement earrings. These remind me of something you can find designer Rashida Gurl crafting.

8. Co-Ords Are Forever

When Lisa wasn't wearing a powersuit, you could probably catch her in something like this denim on denim number. As co-ords continue to dominate fashion, take a tip from Turtle's book and do it in floral denim.

9. Sheer Fabric Is Your Friend

I can't help but think this looks awfully similar to an iconic Cher Horowitz ensemble in Clueless. But whether it's Cher's version or Lisa's, sheer is sexy and stylish.

10. Headbands And A Scowl Are A Perfect Go-To

Lisa did not have any time for anyone's BS. And she made sure her hair was stylishly off her face with a thick headband so you could see her scowl in all its glory.

11. Neon, Neon, Neon

I am big proponent of wearing neon colors, especially in the winter when the weather is drab. This sweater is so bright and tropical that it would be hard for the winter blues to get you down.

12. Western-Wear Can Be Cute

I'm pretty sure that I had a denim skirt with a floral ruffle just like this as a kid in the '90s. Between the front buttons, sweetheart neckline, off-the-shoulder cut, and floral pattern, this is an adorably stylish take on Western-wear.

13. Hoops Make The Look

A pair of gold hoop earrings is great and all, but these big white beaded earrings will complete any look.

14. Be The Best Dressed In Room

Though Tori Spelling became a fashion designer on Beverly Hills 90210, fashion wasn't quite her thing as Violet Bickerstaff on Saved By The Bell. Of course, it's pretty hard for anyone to compete with a two-toned black and white blazer paired perfectly with matching shorts and earrings.

15. Accent Your Look With A Hat

There are a lot of "Lisa Turtle wears a hat" looks out there, and I think this photo perfectly sums up why personal style reigned supreme on Saved By The Bell.

16. Wear Boots Unexpectedly

Why just wear boots on your feet when you can wear them all over your denim button-down? Amirte?!

17. Stand Out In Formalwear

Lisa wasn't just pretty in pink: She was pretty in every color she wore, which sometimes meant the entire rainbow at once. This formalwear look is a lot to take in, but what's so wrong with standing out in a room?

Lisa Turtle taught us that even though fashion may look dated eventually, statement style is forever.

Images: NBC Productions (17)