Ranking All The 'Saved By The Bell' Reunions, From Awkward Run-Ins To Zack Attack — VIDEOS

When the Saved By the Bell cast reunited on The Tonight Show , it was perfect in every way. From inside jokes and references to post- SBTB careers to call-outs to iconic moments on the show, fans were left completely satisfied. Although there were two faces missing since Lisa and Screech weren't at the reunion, it was still fulfilling and an awesome way to celebrate Throwback Thursday. (If you were wondering, this is what the reunion would have looked like with them.) This wasn't the first time that the cast has gotten back together over the years, though. In the near-decade since the show went off the air in 1994 — yes, I'm counting The College Years, too — various people from the show have reunited. Some were planned, like their People magazine cover in 2009, while others were awkward and unexpected, like when Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) stormed in on Tiffani Theissen's (Kelly) Today show interview.

Considering there are a handful of reunions to consider, I've ranked 'em below, although I think we all know which one comes out on top. Side note: does this cast ever age? I swear that Mario Lopez looked even younger while doing ballet in a black spandex jumpsuit than he did in the '90s, and his wig was on point.

7. Tiffani Thiessen Explaining She's "Too Busy" For A Reunion

This is a Funny or Die parody video about how Thiessen was just too busy to reunite with the cast back in 2009, but obviously that wasn't true in the end. This actually stemmed from Jimmy Fallon having "Zack Morris" on his show to help set up a Saved By the Bell reunion. Foreshadowing, people. Foreshadowing!

6. This Awkward Reunion With Mr. Belding

HLN on YouTube

Ready to cringe? The Today show decided to surprise Theissen by having Haskins show up, and she was not prepared. That awkward smile says it all. But just because the first two "reunions" feature Thiessen not wanting to do one doesn't mean she didn't have fun during Fallon's sketch — she seemed genuinely excited in her Instagram snaps from the taping.

5. Elizabeth Berkley & Mario Lopez On Extra

extratv on YouTube

This is actually just one of Berkley and Lopez's reunions on his talk show. The former onscreen couple co-hosted the show in 2014, explaining how they both weren't going to watch Lifetime's Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story. They also got together when she was on Dancing With the Stars alongside her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. It's a good reunion, but not super exciting.

4. When The Whole Cast "Killed" Screech In Cartoon Form

Adult Swim on YouTube

On Adult Swim's Robot Chicken in 2011, almost the entire cast — excluding Thiessen and Berkley — voiced themselves in an animated parody of Saw. Haskins is not only Mr. Belding in the parody, but also Jigsaw, making them kill Screech. Surprisingly, Dustin Diamond was a part of this, even though he wasn't present at any other reunions. It's a weird one, but certainly interesting.

3. People Cover Story

In 2009, the cast got together for a photo shoot and interview with People . However, Diamond was not invited because he clashed with the rest of the cast. "We're still very close for a cast that's known each other 20 years," Gosselaar said.

2. Zack Attack On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Niamh B on YouTube

This is the interview that started it all. In 2009, Fallon had Gosselaar come on his show as Zack Morris, and together, the two confirmed that everyone was in for a reunion: Lopez, Berkley, Haskins, Thiessen, and even Voorhies. Sadly, Lisa Turtle was not present in the actual 2015 reunion and Diamond was never invited, but it's OK. This interview also included Zack singing "Friends Forever" as Zack Attack with The Roots, and it was amazing.

1. The Epic 2015 Reunion on The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Obviously this had to top the list because it is everything '90s kids dreamed of, we heard iconic lines from the show, and everyone was in costume. This will probably be the last reunion for the SBTB crew, so I'll have this sketch on repeat daily for the rest of my life.

Image: NBC