Lisa Turtle's Style Guide

by Shorey Andrews

Poor Lisa Turtle. She seemed to be the one character on Saved By The Bell that suffered the most neglect, (other than Screech, of course), and I for one think this wave of out casting must come to an end. After all, Lisa was the only girl to take mega style risks on, Saved By The Bell. I could never imagine Kelly Kapowski putting on a neon blazer, with matching pencil skirt, but Lisa? Oh yeah, she would dig that.

It is a little freaky to think that regardless of which character you look back on, most style trends from the 80's and early 90's are slowly making their way back into our world. When I think of over sized, or exaggerated apparel and accessories, Lisa comes to mind immediately. She was ahead of the curve, and always ready to shop. Sounds like just the type of gal I want to be friends with.

Let us embrace all of Lisa's awesomeness by uncovering some of her best fashion moments on the show.


Whether denim or suede, Lisa Turtle always knew how to make fringe look good. This style has found a way back into the hearts of fashionista's this year, with endless options to make your outfit feel biker cool. Nasty Gal offers the perfect fit for those ready to take on the trend, and has dubbed it the 'Highway To Hell Fringe Jacket'.


Lisa introduced us to the importance of statement accessories. Her variety of over sized earrings are just another retro trend that has made it's way back into the spotlight. ASOS is one of many brands to stock up on endless amounts of costume inspired jewelry at very reasonable prices.


Always happy to stand out in a crowd, Lisa had no shame in wearing bright colours. The popularity of neon has continued in the fashion world, and for those brave enough to rock it online shopping sites like Mod Cloth, may lend a hand in your hunt for the perfect piece.


One of the most obvious Lisa fashion faves has to be her many denim jackets. Popularized in the 80s, acid wash denim is back in action on every shelf this year. A great option is American Apparel's unisex acid wash denim jacket. For those nights you want to share it with your boyfriend.


Lisa also taught us, that some times the best way to complete a look was to simply add a head wrap. This easy-to-use accessory can be picked up just about anywhere, but Forever 21 has an abundance of head wraps with every pattern imaginable to please us all.

Images: Nasty Gal Highway To Hell Fringe Jacket, $118,; ASOS Corrugated Metal Oversized Disc Earrings, $11.43,; Mod Cloth Celebrating Success Blazer, $59.99,; American Apparel Unisex Acid Wash Denim Jacket, $125,; Forever 21 Mod Polka Dot Wire Head, $3.80,