7 Costume Pieces You Can Wear After Halloween

If you're a budgeting lady like me, it can feel hard justifying money on a Halloween costume piece you only get to wear once. Luckily, there are plenty of Halloween costume pieces you can wear long after Halloween. It's possible to get a lot more bang for your buck than just one night of fun! Who knew there was so much "leftover" costume potential in that zombie Kim Kardashian costume?

Personally, I generally choose to willingly splurge on Halloween makeup because I know I will find ways to wear whatever new products I buy regularly. That said, you're totally not limited to makeup as the only re-wearable component of a Halloween costume! As long as you pick pieces you love that are comfortable and well-made to build your initial costume, you should have no problem finding a way to keep them in your wardrobe all year long.

Regardless of what you want to be for Halloween, opt for DIY if you're wanting to reuse your pieces. A costume rental obviously means you're dropping cash for something you're only borrowing, and DIY is generally cheaper than a costume kit anyway and give you full control over what you want.

Get creative and have fun!

1. Ghost White Powder

(Goth White Powder Foundation, $12.95, Manic Panic)

Dressing up as a zombie, ghost, or skeleton for Halloween? Don't toss the white powders and creams after the 31st! You can use them as highlighters under your brows, on the inner corners of your lids, and just above your top lip to brighten your face every day.

2. Superwoman Dress

(Spandex Jersey Dress, $28, American Apparel)

Rocking a cute body con dress as part of a superhero costume? Learn how to wear that dress in winter so you can slip it on even when the temperatures are freezing.

3. Vampire Blood

(Ruby Woo, $17, MAC)

After your done creating blood stains, keep popping that sexy red lipstick on your lips until it runs out!

4. Crazy Opaque Leggings

(Skeleton Print Leggings, $32.35 ASOS)

Got a super funky pair of leggings as part of your costume? Wear them to the gym or under oversized sweaters for years to come!

5. False Lashes

(False Lashes, $10, Sephora)

Though false lashes might be overkill for every single day, you can reuse them after Halloween for a fun night out when you want to look extra glam.

6. Rainbow Wig

(Unicorn Rainbow Wig, $28, Claire's)

If you 100 percent know you're not going to wear that wig again, you can create DIY hair clip-ins by cutting off strands and hot gluing them to hair clips.

7. Steep Stilettos

(High Heels, $39.99, ZARA)

Does your costume require ridiculously high stilettos? A cobbler can take a few inches off the heel to make them more wearable after Halloween!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands